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Postage Payment

A bunch of envelopes

Postage payment made quick and easy.

Your postage options for PRIO letter mail:

Stamps -
Postcard set -
Domestic letter set
Postage paid service
Counter at Austrian Post service location
Franking machine in self-service area at Austrian Post service location -

Would you like to buy stamps online? To go to our stamp and philately shop, please click here.

To pay for postage for your PRIO letter mail items, you can use valid stamps issued by Austrian Post.

If you are using several stamps, please affix them next to each other instead of one above the other. This makes machine processing easier and accelerates the delivery process.
To see our stamps, please click here.


Create your personalized stamp with any nominal value between 55 and 999 cents for your PRIO letter mail items. All you need is a JPG file with the design of your choice. Meine.Marke personalized stamps allow you to share special moments with friends and business partners. They are also an extra asset for your corporate mail.

For further information and to order online, please go to



Our postcard sets for PRIO items are everything at once: pre-paid postcards for domestic items. They are also available as postcard sets for international items (EU and rest of Europe). For additional information about international shipping, please click here

Additional service
Registered mail and other additional services are available for postcards in the set. Just add extra postage.

Our sets


Postcard set (PRIO, Linz coat of arms)  
Postcard set (PRIO, Eisenstadt coat of arms)  

Our letter sets include 5 or 10 envelopes with pre-paid postage. Use them for domestic ECO or PRIO items.

Additional service
Registered mail and other additional services are available for PRIO items in the letter set. Just add extra postage.

Our sets

5 x C6 envelope (without window)      
5 x C5/6 envelope (without window)      
5 x C5/6 envelope (with window)    
5 x C5 envelope (without window)      
10 x C6 envelope (without window)  
10 x C5/6 envelope (without window)    
10 x C5 envelope (without window)    

Use our franking service to have your PRIO and ECO items franked and delivered to any destination in Austria or abroad. The minimum number of letter mail items is 30. You will save time and you can be sure that your letter mail items will always have the correct postage! The fee for this service is affordable: we charge EUR 0.19 per item plus postage and fees for extra services. The following extra services are available:


The following additional services are available for PRIO items:

  • Registered mail
  • Do not deliver to authorized agents
  • Advice of receipt
  • Cash-on-delivery