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Additional services for international parcels

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In this section, you will find information about cash-on-delivery and insured parcels.

Choose from the following extra services to fit your mailing needs:

Fragile items
Advice of receipt

Insured parcel

Please note: Not all extra services listed below are available for all countries of destination. For detailed information about available services for your country of destination, please go to our rate calculator and select the country. You can also contact Austrian Post's information centre at 0800 010 100 (local call charges for calls within Austria).

For information about the rates charged for these extra services, please click here.

Cash-on-delivery (cash collection)

Choose this option if you would like the recipient to receive your parcel after he or she has paid the specified amount to the Austrian Post delivery person. The COD amount is transferred to your account after collection.

Fragile items

If you are mailing fragile items, please let us know. We will put a clearly visible sticker that reads "fragile" on your parcel. Parcels marked "fragile" are sorted and handled manually and not by machines. There will be no surcharge for a "fragile" parcel, provided that you have already declared it as a "bulky item" or as an "insured parcel".

Advice of receipt (delivery confirmation)

Use this service if you want to know when your parcel was delivered and who signed for it. Recipients must confirm receipt by signing the advice of receipt, which is returned to you after the parcel has been delivered.

Insured parcel

If you choose to mail valuables in parcels through Austrian Post, you can be sure that they are in very good hands. Mail cash, cheques, securities, credit cards or ATM cards, jewellery etc. as well as any other items worth more then EUR 510.00 as an insured parcel. These parcels are under tight security and are insured for the actual value of your merchandise.