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Shipping Supplies

parcels on a desk with tape rolls

Maximum protection for your items.

Use our shipping boxes for convenient and safe shipping.
For additional offers, please see Austrian Post’s online shipping supplies shop 

Approved by Austrian Post for safe shipping.

Shipping boxes:
 Name Parcel box, small  Parcel box, medium  Parcel box, large  Parcel box, x-large 
 Sealing Click sealing  Click sealing  Click sealing  Click sealing 
 Inside dimensions  262x200x95 345x290x130  315x287x244  486x341x313 
 Outside dimensions  320x220x95 400x310x140  380x305x250  550x360x325 
 SAP  7.200.992.210 7.200.992.220  7.200.992.230  7.200.992.240 
 EAN  9007266301330  9007266301347  9007266301345  9007266301361
 Price  EUR 1.95  EUR 2.55  EUR 2.95 EUR 3.95 
Special offer:

Buy a package of 50 shipping boxes at a reduced price for maximum value.

Sales price new shipping boxes per unit 50-250 units per unit 300-1000 units
Small 1.65 1.53
Medium 2.25 2.13
Large 2.65 for 10 units and up 2.53 for 50 units and up
X-Large 3.65 for 10 units and up 3.53 for 50 units and up
Sales price old shipping boxes per unit 50-250 units per unit 300-1000 units
Mini 1.65 1.53
Midi 1.65 1.53
Maxi 2.25 2.13
Maxi Plus 2.25 2.13

Prices are subject to change. We assume no responsibility for typographical errors. All prices are in EUR and include VAT.