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If, after comparing energy rates with the Austrian Post Energy Cost Calculator, you decide to switch to a new energy supplier, you won't have to worry about your power and gas provision while you switch. As a matter of course, uninterrupted service is guaranteed.

The answer is easy: every Austrian household is free to choose its energy provider.
  • In Austria, there are more than 140 different power providers and more than 30 different gas providers, which translates into a large number of different offers and rates (last updated April 2016).
  • There are providers that serve the entire country of Austria and there are regional providers.
  • All power and gas suppliers are independent from each other, which means they offer different rates. Comparing rates will pay off for you!
  • Unlike the energy and gas provider, the grid operator for your residence will always remain the same, which ensures continuous power and gas provision. You will thus just be switching to a new provider.
E-Control is the regulatory authority for the power and gas market in Austria. Its primary task is to ensure that provision of power and gas are guaranteed now and in the future, which is why there is no need for you to worry about any service interruptions at your home:
  • Even if you switch to a new energy provider, your network operator will remain the same. There will therefore be no changes regarding infrastructure and power/gas lines.
  • Even in the unlikely case of a bankruptcy of your provider, there will be no service interruptions because E-Control will immediately allocate an alternative energy provider.
Basically, the following three energy sources exist:
  • Renewable sources of energy: hydroelectric energy, wind energy, solar energy and biomass, natural gas, geothermal energy
  • Fossil sources of energy: brown coal, hard coal, peat, natural gas and oil
  • Nuclear sources of energy
The number of providers who offer only energy from renewable sources has been increasing in Austria every year, while the share of fossil energy has been declining. It is currently at below 10% for households. Just compare prices with the Austrian Post Energy Calculator and decide for yourself if you would like to use only energy from renewable sources in the future.
One contract is with the energy provider and the other is with the network operator. The network provider will connect you to the power grid, provide maintenance and read the meter. For this service, you will be charged system costs. The energy provider, on the other hand, purchases or produces energy that you will use and which you will be charged for depening on your kilowatt consumption.

Important information: All you have to do is compare rates and decide which rate you would like to use. We will take care of everything else.
Have you ever wondered what costs how much? The chart below will give you all the answers.
Energy prices include costs for energy consumption, grid usage as well as taxes and duties.

As a matter of course, our energy comparison takes into account all parts of the total energy price.

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