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Filing Tips


Filing your invoices is much easier with paper invoices.

Especially self-employed people know from experience that electronic data do not always stay put. They get deleted by mistake, the harddrive might crash or older invoices might just not be available anymore in online customer areas. Each and every invoice can be very valuable, especially when it comes to filing your taxes.

Only 50% of people who receive e-invoices print them.

The best way to keep your e-invoices under control is moving them to specific folders, saving them and printing them as needed. However, this does cost time, paper and pretty soon, you will need a new printer cartridge. For most people, this is just a hassle, which is why 58% of Austrians don't print their e-invoices. The alternative is having important documents mailed to you. If you choose that option, you will have everything you need and you will save time and money while avoiding all the hassle.

It's good to have things in black and white.

Don't forget that in daily life, you will still receive a lot of invoices on paper, for example, whenever you take a cab, eat at a restaurant or buy something (like a printer cartridge). So it makes sense to have all other invoices on paper as welll. This will allow you to collect all invoices in one spot, be it a binder or a shoebox. Isn't it good to have things nice and tidy?

Paper invoices make for great collectibles.

Once you're ready to do your accounting, it will be much easier for you to have all invoices handy instead of having to hunt for them here and there. And since binders and shoeboxes can't crash, your invoices will always be available.