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Invoices Sent By Mail: Your Advantages


Paper invoices: your advantages.

No internet? Not a problem.
Only 82% auf Austrian households have internet access. Many thousand Austrians have to leave their homes in order to receive e-mail. However, just about everybody has a mailing address.

No IT skills needed.
Starting a computer, finding the correct web site, entering passwords, taking care of e-mail, opening downloads - not everybody is good at that. Especially senior citizens sometimes struggle with electronic media. However, no technical skills are needed to open a letter.

Delivery to your mailing address only.
One in two Austrians has multiple e-mail addresses, which means that not all invoices might be sent to the same e-mail address, or even to one that no longer exists. Against this background, one might easily lose track of one's payment obligations. Fortunately, paper invoices always end up where they are supposed to: in your postbox, right at your doorstep.

Paper is better than pixels.
According to a survey, 59% of Austrians prefer paper invoices to electronic invoices. The percentage is even higher for senior citizens and lower-income households.

You will have something tangible.
We all appreciate things we can touch. A survey by Austrian Post showed that most people consider paper invoices to be more "important" than electronic invoices. And that paper invoices are always handy whenever you need them.

Your personal information is safe!
Phishing e-mails that try to get your passwords, hackers, viruses...there are many threats online that can put your personal information at risk. Third parties might read your personal information without your even knowing it. Things are different for letters: secrecy of letters applies. In addition, letters are immune to external attacks.

You won't miss a thing.
Most people receive far more e-mail than traditional mail. 20 to 50 e-mails per day are nothing out of the ordinary. Tidying up your inbox is nothing we like to do every day. Which means that one might easily miss important invoices in that avalanche of unrequested mail.

Paper is a great payment reminder.
Whenever you have a payment obligation, it's convenient to actually see it. Paper invoices placed on your desk are a powerful reminder that you need to pay. However, once the computer screen goes dark, it's out of sight, out of mind.

Mistakes are easier to spot.
We all like to check our invoices to see if they're correct. Yet, we all tend to check our invoices less frequently if they are delivered electronically. Even IT-savvy people between 18 and 24 rarely check their electronic invoices (the percentage is just 9%). Issuers of electronic invoices know this phenomenon called "online blindness" and they sometimes charge too much.

You save money.
Almost 40% of people end up printing their invoice anyway, even though more than 25% of households don't have a printer. And the printer itself costs money, as does the paper and the printer cartridge.

You save the planet.
Many companies argue that e-invoices save paper and are better for the environment. But there is no need to worry: Austrian Post has CO2-neutral** delivery for all items. In addition, most people end up printing their invoices anyway. And, last but not least, 70% of all paper in Europe gets recycled.

Paper is available immediately.
Paper invoices are easy to file and are always availabe when you need them. There is no need for you to start your computer or hunt for invoices in your inbox. This is the reason why most people choose to print important invoices. Things that are on paper are things that will last.