Your Right to Receive an Invoice

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 Letter Template
Just what you needed: 
Letter template for requesting paper invoices.
Paper invoices make your life easier. Let the issuers of invoices know that you would like to continue receiving invoices on paper. Just use this letter template we have compiled for your convenience. It includes perfect wording and all you have to do is enter your name and data - and off it goes!

E-Invoices Can Be a Problem

Digital communication is fast and good. But it can cost you not only time, but also a lot of money.


Your Right to Paper Invoices Via Mail

You should always insist on receiving paper invoices. It's the law!


Paper Invoices: Your Advantages

There are many reasons that speak for receiving paper invoices. One of them is that you will never miss any payment deadlines.


Market Research: Invoice-Related Statistics

Paper is as popular as ever: read on to find out what Austrians think about paper invoices compared to electronic invoices or invoices available for download.


Paper Invoices: Useful Filing Hints

Paper invoices help you keep track of your expenses.


EU Initiative: Choose Paper!

Support the initiative "Keep me posted" that promotes paper invoices throughout Europe.



As a general rule, electronic invoices are considered delivered as soon as they are available for you in your inbox. If you are away on vacation, you should program an OOO message, which means that e-mails received while you are gone will be considered not delivered.

Usually not. However, since most people believe the opposite, they ignore electronic payment reminders. You will eventually receive the invoice by mail, however, it will include a late fee.

Unfortunately, yes. As soon as an electronic invoice has been sent, the sender considers it done. The sender will most certainly never even know if the invoice ended up in a wrong folder, in the SPAM filter or even if it got rejected by the e-mail client. As a consequence, the sender will send a payment reminder if the invoice does not get paid. As a matter of course, you have the option of disputing that payment reminder. In that case, the sender will have to prove that the invoice had been effectively delivered.

Yes, you should, but it will be at your own expense. After all, there is always the risk that an e-invoice might disappear, get deleted or not be available on the platform anymore. Which can be truly inconvenient if you ever need that invoice months or even years later, for example for claiming a guarante or filing your taxes.

The Expert

The Expert

Dr. Peter KOLBA
Director of Legal Affairs at VKI
Verein für Konsumenteninformation

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