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With our e-notification service for parcels, you will receive an e-notification via e-mail or app on your smartphone in addition to the "yellow paper" in your mailbox. It's a great option to save time and avoid unnecessary trips.

To enable our free e-notifications, all you have to do is sign up for this service.

Enable e-notification


  • Save time and pick up your parcel at your postal branch, at a Post Partner or a pickup station.
  • Your e-notification is easy to take along, for it will be available on your smartphone. You also have the option of forwarding it to someone you trust so that she or he can pick up your parcel for you.



Data synchronisation
In order for us to map a parcel to you we will check your registration data (name, address, e-mail address, mobile phone number) against the existing sender data. If the result is positive, you will be able to receive e-notifications.

e-notifications can only be sent if the registration data you have given us (name and address) coincide with the information on the parcel.

Sender data
Commercial shippers (mail-order companies) will provide sender data (name and address as a minimum) to Austrian Post so that we can deliver their parcels. If there are no sender data, no e-notifications can be triggered.

No sender data available for parcels from private clients.

Hint: When you use a parcel stamp for your parcel, sender data will always be generated.

Our e-notification service is only available for parcels sent through Austrian Post. Also, this service is not available for letter mail because of a lack of sender data.

For parcels that weigh 2 kg or less, the sender may decide between sending the item as a letter mail item or as a parcel.