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My items, for those who are rarely home

You can request our services online or at your postal branch!

With this app, you will have your mail with you at all times. And you will always know where your parcel is located. You can also receive the yellow notification on your smartphone or via e-mail. Or find the closest postal branch and determine the best rate for your items. Download the app for free now:




 AllesPost has arrived!

It's up to you to decide who will deliver your parcels. Use AllesPost to make sure that every parcel gets delivered by Austrian Post, independenty of the company that shipped it. Get a free three-month trial!

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To request our additional services, go online or come see us at your postal branch!

Collection Service

New: Austrian Post will now pick up your items. This will save you a trip to one of our service locations. Just place your order and we will collect your parcels.


Yellow Notifications on Your Mobile Phone

Rely on our e-notifications for parcels to receive a notification via e-mail/app to your smartphone in addition to the yellow notification you will find in your postbox.


Parcel Redirections and Preferred Delivery Day

Have your parcel redirected to a postal branch near you, to a neighbour or to a safe location in your building or home.


Preferred Postal Branch & Preferred Pickup Station

Have the sender mail your parcel to a pickup station or postal branch of your choice. We will let you know as soon as we have received the parcel.


Release Delivery Authorization

We will leave your parcel at the location of your choice even when you're not home.


Collection Box

Our mail collection boxes have been designed to deposit your postal items and even registered mail right in your building.



Upon request, we will redirect your parcels to a new address or your holiday home.


Authorization to Receive Mail

To allow up to five persons you trust (e.g. roommates or co-workers) to receive items on your behalf, all you have to do is provide an authorization to receive mail. They will then be able to receive items addressed to you, except in the case of items that are labelled "do not deliver to persons authorized to receive mail".