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Vielfalt & Gleichstellung

To us, diversity is an assent worth promoting and we work with it in a constructive manner. This includes physically apparent differences such as gender, age and ethnic group as well as subjective differences such as religion or way of life.

Facts and Figures

Gender Equality

"Those who are not equal should not be treated equally and equals should not be treated differently." This definition of the equality principle highlights the fact that we should not deny the differences between women and men, but accept them. However, this must be done under the important premise that this does entail no discrimination or disadvantage.

We are aware of the fact that a balanced ratio between women and men is essential for a good working environment and for good decision-making processes based on different approaches. This is why we have introduced several projects including our Women Mentoring Programme designed to strengthen and empower female employees.

We actively support or employees in finding a good balance between family and professional life. The audit "Job and family" by the Ministry of Economy carried out in November 2013 confirmed our efforts.

For more information, please read our 2017 Sustainability Report.


  • 14,000 applications/year
  • 120 new external positions/year
  • 40-50 assessment centres/year
  • 4,000 potential analyses
  • More than 3,000 over-the-phone job interviews/year
  • More than 42,000 pieces of correspondence/year
  • Several HR marketing projects