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Postronauts (Apprentices)

Capitalise on your passion for all things technical and jump-start your career as

an apprentice at Austrian Post!

Does this describe you?

  • you like the latest phone and mobile products
  • you have a knack for apps, touchscreens and GPS systems
  • you are open-minded and like talking to people
  • you are motivated and enjoy learning new things

If the answer is yes, this job is for you!

  • In-depth information about the latest smartphones
  • An exciting training programme in collaboration with A1 (A1 Telekom Austria AG)
  • Selling the latest phone and mobile products
  • Workshops and coaching designed to optimise your sales skills
  • Excellent career opportunities including promotions with an international corporation
  • The option of completing your apprenticeship with a high school diploma

Retail sales associate

Training programme in collaboration with A1 (A1 Telekom Austria AG)
(duration of apprenticeship: 3 years)

Your responsibilities:
You will be entrusted with advising customers about phone and mobile products and actively selling these products. You will have in-depth knowledge of our products, which will allow you to always find the right solution for any client.

You will also participate in the creative process of planning and maintaining our inventory.

In addition, you will also be in charge of purchasing and storage tasks.

Are you the person we are looking for?
If you have completed statutory education, if you are open-minded and like interacting with people, if you are passionate about phone and mobile products and if you like assisting clients, then we look forward to receiving your application.

To give you an idea what an apprenticeship at Austrian Post is like, we have interviewed Tamara Prenner:

My name is Tamara Prenner

  • I am 15 years old, I live in Hartberg
  • I am in my first apprenticeship year and I have been working for 5 months

How did you learn about the apprenticeship position at Austrian Post?
The Austrian Public Employment Service (AMS) told me about this apprenticeship position. I applied and was invited to an interview after completing an evaluation.

What is your typical workday like?
I start work at 9:30 or 10 a.m. First thing in the morning, I check our computer system to see if there is something I need to take care of. Then, I go to the telecommunication products counter, where I sell mobile phones (I have already registered three mobiles by myself).  If business is slow, I join my co-workers at other counters and help them. I finish work at 6 p.m. except on Fridays, where I leave at 4:30 p.m.

What do you like best about your job?
The best part about my job are my co-workers, but I also enjoy working with mobile phones because I that is something I am really interested in. The regulars are also very nice! 

How exactly does your apprenticeship work?
I spend every year of my apprenticeship at a different postal branch. The idea behind the apprenticeship is that people explain things to me and I then do them myself, but under supervision, until I can do them on my own. I directly report to Mr Gruber and I can ask him anything.

What are your professional goals?
I want to pass my final apprenticeship exam, and I would definitely like to continue working at Austrian Post!

First things first: you probably want to know how much you will be making!

Depending on your seniority as an apprentice, your monthly salary before taxes will range between EUR 627 and EUR 1,005.

Send us your application package with a cover letter, your CV and copies of your last two report cards. E-mail us at or mail your documents to the following address:

Österreichische Post AG
Rochusplatz 1
1030 Vienna
+43 (0) 57767 - 21061
+43 (0) 664 624 - 2453