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A New Letter and Parcel Sorting Centre for Carinthia

Pressemeldung from 09.02.2001

Location chosen based on costs and quality criteria is Villach

Österreichische Post AG creates a modern fully automated letter and parcel sorting centre. Österreichische Post AG is interested in economic sites in Carinthia and especially Villach due to the fact that there are ever more contacts with southern and south-eastern Europe. Construction of the new logistics centre Villach based on 21st century technology will begin this year, end in 2004, the latest, and require investments amounting to some 300 million ATS.

Österreichische Post AG's own experts as well as external logistics experts looked for the best location of a logistics centre in southern Austria, and finally had to select Klagenfurt or Villach. Extensive computations and planning work led to decision based on four criteria: Property, logistics, distribution/delivery, and marketing were in favour of Villach for which, generally speaking, five out of six criteria taken into consideration proved to be the best, i.e. property, traffic conditions, time and quality criteria, costs, and marketing strategy. Klagenfurt was slightly better as to volumes to be treated.

Details concerning the selection criteria:

  • Property (required surface: 16 000 m2): connection to the highway, clear-cut ownership, and free of charge construction of railway connections were in favour of Villach.

  • Logistic aspects: Time/routes relation was best for Villach for short distance logistics (post offices in Carinthia and Eastern Tyrol) as well as long distance logistics (other Austrian and foreign sorting centres). An other advantage is the fact that major Austrian mail order businesses mostly located in western areas of the country ensure considerable incoming volumes.

  • Time and quality factors: Villach is very centrally located in the region and thereby particularly apt to serve all dependent post offices, a very important fact as quality of service requires rapid and regular delivery and collection even in most distant sites.

  • Posting and delivery volumes: Klagenfurt has more incoming and outgoing mail than Villach, but adding feeding areas of upper and lower Carinthia, leads to equilibrium.

  • Costs: due to shorter distances, yearly transportation costs in Villach are reduced by 2.1 million ATS as compared to Klagenfurt.

  • Marketing: centrally located, Villach may enter the Italian, Slovene, and Croatian markets, and facilitates co-operation with DPD and Posta Slovenje. Customs infrastructure already exists in Villach. Major competitors (Quick-Step, General Parcel, Rail Cargo, Trans-o-flex etc.) also have their centres in the town or in its surroundings.
Automated sorting will reduce staff requirements by some 60 persons in the logistics sector. Some 70 employees now working at post office 9020 Klagenfurt will have to work in Villach, but as sorting centres Klagenfurt and Villach are up to now approximately identically staffed, more or less the same number of persons would have had to change over to Klagenfurt if this had been the choice location.

Solutions will be found for transportation of personnel to the new workplace in form of a company-owned transportation system or ride-sharing groups.

Contact for further information:

Österreichische Post AG
Company Communication
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Mr. Michael Homola
Tel.: +43 (1) 515 51 - 5217