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Österreichische Post AG's Xmas special - the "Weihnachts Packerl"

Pressemeldung from 12.11.2001

As of 19 November, at a sensational ATS 95.- (EUR 6.90) to any destination within Austria
Irrespective of actual weight (up to a maximum of 31.5 kg)

As of 19 November 2001, Österreichische Post AG offers its customers another pre-paid product after the "bonus letter" and the "green parcel" - the "Weihnachts Packerl" as a Xmas special.
The "Weihnachts Packerl", whose dimensions are 29 x 34.5 x 13, is available at all post offices in Austria for ATS 95.- (EUR 6.90). Given this size, it can easily accommodate large books, games, bath towels - you name it. The price includes postage and packaging, regardless of the weight - whatever fits into it will be transported to any destination within Austria (up to a maximum weight of 31.5 kg).
With the "Weihnachts Packerl", Österreichische Post AG meets two kinds of customer requests at the same time: to offer a post box whose price includes delivery and which features a seasonal design.

Benefits of the "Weihnachts Packerl"
The "Weihnachts Packerl", which comes in a flat package, is easy to assemble. Its robust cardboard package meets all postal requirements with respect to sorting and distribution.
As it has a fixed price, the weight of the item you are sending is not important - use the "Weihnachts Packerl" to wrap your gift at home at your own pace and then take it to the post office to send it on its way. Since the "Weihnachts Packerl" is fully prepaid, you can also entrust someone else with posting your Xmas gifts, without having to provide cash in advance or to settle the bill afterwards.

To make sure your Xmas presents arrive in time before 24 December, we recommend you post them prior to 14 December, given the increased volume of items being mailed during the Christmas season.

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