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Österreichische Post AG relying on emotions

Pressemeldung from 30.07.2001

and developing further last year's successful "We Deliver for You" campaign
starting August 1, 2001, on TV, in print media and by posters.

Last year, Österreichische Post AG launched a big scale "We Deliver for You" campaign run on TV, by posters, and through print media. As from August 1 , 2001, this very successful initiative will be carried on steadily.

The post acting on and for everyone
After last year's re-positioning of the label thanks to the "We Deliver for You" campaign, our relevant activities are now aimed at drawing attention to the impact our products and services have on different customer target groups identified by age (young, old), environment (urban, rural), and status (business people, private persons).
TV spots and print media announcements will be fashioned with a view to exhibiting our enterprise's products and services, emphasising its high level standards with respect to quality of service, speed, and up-to-date facilities. Furthermore, they will be focused on themes covered in a manner evoking snapshots taken of every-day life and happenings, and in a rather emotional way using slogans like "More in Love by One Letter" or "Moving Easier by One Travel Agency Folder" fit to arouse strong feelings as well as the idea of personal benefit.

Preparing and implementing will again be entrusted to our last year's partners, i.e. The Bárci & Partner Young & Rubicam agency.

Proceeding in two stages
From August 1 to September 9, and from October 1 to November 12, 2001, this publicity campaign will be run on the basis of respectively two different TV spots and posters, and three different print media announcements.

The label
As before, the campaign will focus on the central "We Deliver for You" claim. Re-positioning of the label, started simultaneously at the time, will be consequently carried on. Our changing over to a concerted, up-to-date and unmistakable scenario will be brought to public notice, appearing on generally used forms, on new vehicles, on postmen's uniforms, within all post offices and, in an especially impressive way, within our innovative branches, such as "", "Post-Box", and "Post-Partner", whose productivity and acceptance by customers will be checked all over Austria by means of a pilot test to be run before the end of the current year.

For further information, please don't hesitate to contact

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