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The "post offices of the future" seen from the customer's point of view

Pressemeldung from 12.12.2001

Opinion poll among more than 1000 and Post-Box customers
Strong approval for new types of post office outlets run by Österreichischen Post AG

On behalf of Österreichische Post AG, the Graz-based market research organisation bmm interviewed 1000 customers of the new and Post-Box outlet types at a total of ten locations in Vienna, Lower Austria, Upper Austria, Styria and Carinthia to find out what they think about these new types of operations.

The result is clear: The new and Post-Box operations meet with the customers' approval.
Friendly and competent staff, a significantly enlarged range of products, up-to-date information and surf terminals, self-service machines providing access to postal products 24 hours a day: The customers appreciate the quality of the service they get and like to come to the and Post-Box outlets.
To Österreichische Post AG, this fully confirms that its efforts to orientate its offering even more towards new customer requirements have been successful.
Josef Halbmayr, director for sales and marketing: "Already during the pre-planning phase, we studied in detail what our customers expect from a state-of-the-art post office outlet today and then tailored the project to exactly suit these requirements and demands. The success of this undertaking therefore does not come as a surprise to us - quite on the contrary, it confirms that we have put an excellent concept into practice in a well-focused and consistent manner."
Almost one in three customers (31.7%) uses postal services more often since the range of products and services has been enlarged.
Everybody is well pleased with the additional offering (stationery, office and school supplies, gifts, CDs and CD-ROMs, books, surf-point, e-point, packaging and copying facilities, self-service machines). The percentage of those interviewed rating the additional offering as "Excellent" or "Good" is between 74.6% and 89.9%, depending on the individual products.

Overall, gets excellent marks throughout the poll.
79.1% prefer this new type of outlet to the traditional post office. 94.8% rate the staff in their local outlet as friendly and congenial, 93.2% as competent. 93.9% are satisfied with opening hours, 92.4% find this type of post office outlet attractive, 92.1% appreciate the pleasant atmosphere.
The overall rating for is 1.6 on a school marks scale of 1-5.

More than one in five customers (20.5%) of a outlet state they intend to use the e-point (again). The e-point is considered to be a "great practical facility", meeting the information service expectations placed in it and scoring well also because it is easy to use.
18.6% of customers say they will use the opportunity of surfing the Internet on the surf-point (again). What people like especially about the surf-point is how quick a connection is established and how easy it is to use.
One thing that is used comparatively less frequently is the self-service machine, which is accessible around the clock.

23% of Post-Box customers state they use postal services more often since the range of products and services has been enlarged.
Customers are well pleased with (73.1% "liking it very much", 76.2% "liking it") the additional offering (stationery, office and school supplies, gifts, telecommunications products, e-point, self-service machines). Only the telecommunications products category gets a slightly lower, yet still positive, score (with 54.9% "liking the offering very much/much").
Customers are highly satisfied with the selection of products on sale in the Post-Box. 84.1% say they have been able to get all the articles they wanted to buy.

65.1% of those interviewed prefer the new Post-Box outlet type to the traditional post office. Up-to-date, trendy, simple and easy to use are characteristics assigned particularly often to the Post-Box.
According to customers, the biggest advantage of the Post-Box lies in its opening hours, which are perfectly matched to personal requirements. 95.4% of those interviewed are agreed on this. Moreover, Post-Box customers particularly appreciate the friendly and congenial (90.2%) as well as competent (89.6%) staff. 84.7% think it is easy to find what one is looking for at the Post-Box, 84.1% appreciate that they are being served quickly.
Overall rating for the Post-Box: 1.9 on a school marks scale of 1-5.

Post-Box customers find the e-point information terminal even more attractive than customers. 43.3% of those interviewed at a Post-Box say they intend to use the e-point (again). The self-service machine scores extraordinarily well at the Post-Box. More than half of those interviewed (55.1%) indicate they will use it (again). What makes the self-service machine so attractive is the fact that it can be used independently of opening hours (42.7%).

The high level of customer acceptance for the Post-Box approach is also reflected in growing sales figures. Sales increase by 15% to 20% on average each month.

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