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Preliminary Figures for the Financial Year 2000

Pressemeldung from 08.03.2001

Definitely positive performance by Österreichische Post AG

Expected results for 2000 exceeded

Österreichische Post AG will close the financial year 2000 with a positive operating result. According to the figures available so far, the Österreichische Post AG's turnover for the financial year 2000 will be around ATS 21.1 billion (EUR 1.5 billion). Earnings before interest and taxes will be approximately ATS 227 million (EUR 16.5 million), and earnings from ordinary activities are expected to be about ATS 539 million (EUR 39.2 million). "We have done far better than just achieving our goal for the past financial year, which was a balanced operative result. This goes to show that our programme and the special measures taken in the year 2000 are taking us into the right direction", emphasised Anton Wais, Österreichische Post AG's CEO .

According to Wais, Österreichische Post AG has undergone a difficult year restructuring its organisation, yet a year where the cornerstone was laid for a positive future in the international marketplace. "What we achieved in the year 2000 provides an excellent basis for the current financial year. However, we still need to invest a lot of effort into improving our competitiveness as compared to our main rivals. Raising productivity, optimising workflows, extending the product range offered as well as the value chain will remain Österreichische Post AG's top priorities for 2001."

The "Speed" programme shows its effects
Rudolf Jettmar, member of the board in charge of finances, regards the positive performance as impressive evidence of the Österreichische Post AG's capabilities. "We have achieved this result in spite of the massive investments we made in infrastructure, the refurbishment of branches, the networking of post offices, product innovation and staff training. We also managed to compensate for the losses suffered due the reduction of payments for services in the public economic interest." The cost reduction and process optimisation measures embraced within the scope of the "Speed" programme in March 2000 are beginning to show their positive effects, says Jettmar. There has been a significant reduction in overtime work, for instance.

The introduction of the new shift model in compliance with industry standards, ongoing optimisation efforts in the field of logistics, automation, and an improved services workflow in the counters sector have also contributed to reducing payroll costs. During the period from January to December 2000, the company succeeded in saving the equivalent of 1600 full-time employees. In Jettmar's opinion, human resources development at Österreichische Post AG is proceeding according to schedule. A positive trend the company plans to continue in 2001.

"We achieved an excellent result in the year 2000. We need to continue along this track to be able to cope with the challenges to come", underlined Jettmar. Continued investments, the reduction in payments for services in the public economic interest, the loss of the minimum compensation agreed upon in the contract with the Österreichische Postsparkasse (Austrian Postal Savings Bank), and the loss of the flat-rate compensation for counter services provided on behalf of Telekom Austria AG will have a negative effect on both turnover and earnings in 2001. That is why the measures designed to improve the company's efficiency and to put its strategic concept into practice will need to be continued.
"It is our goal to offer the owner a continuous positive development of operating results on the basis of a one-off large-scale effort, in spite of external influences and in-depth structural changes", says Wais.

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