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Österreichische Post AG:

Pressemeldung from 17.12.2001

Reorganisation of Courier, Express, and Parcel Sector Mr. Hans Baumann nominated as manager of this sector - Partnership with DPD intensified

Reorganisation of company leads Österreichische Post AG to transform the courier, express and parcel sector in order to enhance competitiveness on this very looked for market. A new strategy has been developed for the most active sector, i.e. parcels for private addressees, and business to customer (B2C) parcels.

As of April 1st, 2002, Mr. Hans Baumann, up to now DPD Austria manager, will manage the courier, express and parcel sector. This very experienced executive officer aged 54 acquired his technologic and organisational know-how in the very efficient cooperation between DPD and Österreichische Post AG. Successor of Mr. Baumann will be nominated by DPD.

Österreichische Post AG's thirty percent stake in the private parcel service formed by Gebrüder Weiss, Schachinger, and Lagermax, is still a firm basis for an all Austrian solution. Questions like IT, equipment and logistics is also sure to further a strongly knit cooperation in the business, private, and express parcel services.

According to Paul Senger-Weiss, spokesman of the three private parcel service providers "close cooperation in all of these activities allows better use of existing know-how, saves investments and allows expansion of leading position on the market."

Österreichische Post AG has participations in the private parcel companies since 1997.

Anton Wais, Chief Executive Officer of Österreichische Post AG says: "Long lasting experience created confidence. We have less than ever before to fear as concerns competition. This cooperation legally does require no new corporate integration."

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