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First Lower Austria branch inaugurated by Österreichische Post AG in A-3443 Sieghartskirchen

Pressemeldung from 28.06.2001

Pilot, Post-Box, and Post-Partner branches to be created all over Austria in 2001

Österreichische Post AG inaugurated on June 28, 2001, the first Lower Austria branch in 3443 Sieghartskirchen. Creation of new service branches belongs to an important company initiative in the branch network sector, and is accompanied by continued automation of post offices, reinforced staff training, and introduction of new products and services. "One stop quality shopping" is the modern form of traditional post office, has a catchy design, and offers absolutely new products. In one finds, of course, not only the usual assortment, but up to 1000 different stationary articles and best seller books, audio CDs and CD roms. customers also find "Techno-Points", terminals for tourist and business information as well as for online transactions, but also internet surfing stations.

Post-Box: "Quick, on the spot, always ready to serve customers"
Post-Box is a never heard of branch type placed on much frequented sites of big cities. Post-Box is meant to offer "en passant" postal and financial services, so one does not have to go to any other place. Very interesting special offers are also available in such a branch.

The Post-Partner
Community and other shops, Österreichische Post AG's partners, offer postal services and products. Post-Partners are important parties to country-wide coverage with postal services.

Post-Boxes,, and Post-Partners all over Austria
More pilots to open during the coming weeks in the course of this study running up to end 2001:


  • 1150 Vienna, Meiselmarkt
  • 9400 Wolfsberg
  • 4820 Bad Ischl
  • 9026 Klagenfurt
  • 1109 Vienna - Wienerberg
  • 8330 Feldbach

  • 8353 Kapfenstein
  • 3042 Würmla

    Österreichische Post AG will, of course, maintain existing 2300 post offices, most of them already updated, and some 130 postal agencies.

    An idea developed to comply with customer desiderata
    The new branch types developed by Österreichische Post AG perfectly answer customer needs. Recent market studies and customer polls were the basis for these new types of branches fulfilling most important customer desiderata, i.e. to be situated in frequented sites, to offer enhanced product and service ranges, to be very near, and adaptable.
    Development of the new system is based on overall quantitative and qualitative market research, and analysis of national as well as international retail trade and postal company benchmarks.

    Contact for further information:

    Österreichische Post AG
    Company Communication
    Press service
    Mr. Michael Homola
    Tel.: +43 (1) 515 51 - 5217