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New rates model for newspaper delivery at Österreichischen Post AG

Pressemeldung from 25.08.2001

Two models for daily, weekly, and monthly newspapers Longer transition period for customers with a five-year contract

Today, on 25 September 2001, Österreichische Post AG has informed the supreme postal authority about the new rates model to be applied to newspaper deliveries as of 2002.
The new Terms of Business (AGB Tageszeitungen, AGB Wochenzeitungen, AGB Monatszeitungen und AGB Sponsoring-Post) will be published during September 2001 and enter into force on 1 January 2002, replacing the currently applicable GTC Postal Newspaper Service, which will cease to be effective after 31 December 2001.

Daily, weekly, and monthly newspapers: two models to choose from
For daily, weekly, and monthly newspapers, two models with different transition periods will be available as of 2002.

With the first model, there will now be a two-step increase instead of the three-step one proposed originally. The adjustment will amount to a maximum of 105 percent or ATS 1.70 (EUR 0.12) per annual increase step. The adjustment originally proposed for 2004 will be cancelled entirely.

The second model provides for a longer transition period. With this variant, the contract partner concludes a contract with Österreichische Post AG covering a period of five years, which allows Österreichische Post AG to better plan the future volume of items and thus to spread the adjustments required for 2002 and 2003 over a total of five annual steps until 2006. The rate adjustment comprises a maximum annual increase of 50% or ATS 0.65 (EUR 0.05).
This model meets the frequently voiced request for a longer transition period.

With the "Sponsoring-Post" rate, the maximum increase amounts to 47% or ATS 0.55 (EUR 0.04). The adjustment will be made in three steps in 2002, 2003, and 2004 respectively.

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