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Österreichische Post AG's Trucknology

Pressemeldung from 21.06.2001

20 new vehicles built by STEYR Trucks and MAN

Items still have to be collected, sorted, and delivered in an evolving virtual world. Österreichische Post AG maintains a fleet of more than 300 trucks for country-wide coverage. Jörn Kaniak, Management Board member in charge of logistics and distribution, took over 20 new vehicles built by STEYR Trucks and MAN, including, for the first time, trucks of trucknology generation TG-A, the most up to date vehicles used in Austrian postal logistics.

ÖAF & STEYR Nutzfahrzeuge OHG (ÖSN) look back on many years of partnership with Austrian post, and built some 330 fully equipped trucks for parcel service and telecommunications (now Telekom Austria AG) during the last twelve years period. Chassis and a great variety of special features have been produced by ÖSN branch Vienna Auhof.

Postal logistics
Collection and delivery of items is ensured by logistics centres spread all over the country. Österreichische Post AG has some 500 drivers working in shifts to ensure 24 hours a day service. 320 trucks with a total weight of more than 3.5 tons, and 160 trailers cover some 16 million kilometres a year. Österreichische Post AG's investments in vehicles are planned to be ATS 70 million (EUR 5.1 million) in 2001.

Österreichische Post AG's new truck generation
The trucks now put into service are the first of a new generation, and are considered to be ecological, secure, comfortable, and very economic as concerns operational costs. Some parcel trucks and all haulers are equipped with Euro 3 motors. 360 PS mighty torque motors are characterised by minimum exhausts. Recycling and simultaneous cooling of exhausts reduce emission of nitrogen oxide by some 30%, while fuel consumption remains nearly unchanged as compared to that of other motors, and longevity is ensured. Maintenance work is required after 80 000 kilometres only in long distance traffic.

Trucknology for postal use
MAN TG-A trucks are the first postal trucks equipped with automatic gear boxes. Drivers have no longer to shift gears and can concentrate on the road, a particularly important factor in urban traffic. Automated clutch has also considerable longevity, a fact reducing operating costs. Air conditioning enhances comfort, especially on hot summer days.

To reduce road abrasion all front and rear axles of these new trucks are equipped with pneumatic shock absorption systems also ensuring secure forwarding of fragile goods - and, of course, enhancing comfort of driver.

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