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Österreichische Post AG: Mail Delivery Will, of Course, Be Maintained

Pressemeldung from 24.01.2001

Service provision and quality are Österreichische Post AG's core business

Mail delivery will be maintained

An Austrian newspaper published these day wrong information as regards the draft Universal Services Decree issued by the Federal Ministry of Transport, Innovation, and Technology. Proposal to authorise, in principle, creation of rural post box clusters for mail delivery contained in this draft does in no case aim at depriving "thousands of households" from mail delivery. Remote areas are served today already by some 12 500 rural post box clusters composed of six private post boxes each. The draft contains but one new regulation, i.e. clear-cut rules for creation of such rural post box clusters.
According to the draft, rural post box clusters may be created in case "distance exceeds five kilometres or one walking hour from the post office of delivery". In Österreichische Post AG's opinion this concerns only some 1900 existing post offices of delivery, but not the planned 400 delivery bases. Universal Services Decree applies to quality of service of delivery, and is not to be seen in the context of optimisation of delivery processes as contained in the delivery bases project. "Österreichische Post AG is particularly appreciated for daily delivery of mail to addressees. Increase of number of rural post box clusters as hinted at in the newspaper article would considerably reduce quality of service, and thereby the company's competitive capacities. In the interest of customers Österreichische Post AG will, of course, avoid any such deterioration," says Jörn Kaniak, member of the Management Board in charge of logistics and distribution.

Country-wide coverage ensured by post offices

Österreichische Post AG not only strives to ensure delivery to nearly all households, but also to keep country-wide coverage by post offices. The company's representatives stressed many a time that no post office will be simply shut down. In the past already non profitable post offices have been transformed into postal agencies operated by non postal staff. As for the some 200 existing postal agencies, proximity and quality of services offered to the public on the spot by whoever runs an agency will continue to be decisive when considering any transformation of post offices into agencies.

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