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Postal services at local stores meet with customer approval

Pressemeldung from 12.12.2001

Customer opinion poll conducted at three Post-Partner stores

On behalf of Österreichische Post AG, the Graz-based market research organisation bmm interviewed 250 customers of Post-Partner stores at 8961 Stein an der Enns, 8353 Kapfenstein, and 3042 Würmla from September until October 2001 to find out how satisfied they are with the services provided by the Post-Partner stores.

The results of this opinion poll corroborate the fact that Österreichische Post AG is on the right track.
In communities where the continuation of post office services is no longer possible for economic reasons, Österreichische Post AG not only offers rural-type postal delivery services, but also Post-Partner services (postal services provided by local stores) as an alternative.
Apart from longer opening hours, customers appreciate in particular that handling postal matters at the Post-Partner store is convenient and practical. They also praise staff friendliness.

Post-Partner stores as alternatives to the post office meet with approval
Almost half of those interviewed (48.2%) consider it a good idea to have postal services at their disposal at a local store.
The reason put forward most frequently: the service provided by the Post-Partner store is convenient and practical.
A mere 16.6% are not too well-pleased with the idea of a Post-Partner store. What they want above all is a broader range of services.
The fact that 75.3% of those interviewed state that they are using postal services as frequently as they did before the Post-Partner store started operating goes to show that the Post-Partner store has become an accepted alternative to the post office.
2.8% indicate that they are using postal services even more frequently than they did before.
Only 8.5% of those interviewed say that they are using postal services in their community less frequently since they have been taken over by a local store. The majority of these people prefer to travel to the next post office.

Post-Partners - friendly and congenial - ideal opening hours
Customers obviously feel well taken care of at the Post-Partner stores: An impressive 95.6% of those interviewed rate the Post-Partner staff as friendly and congenial, 95.2 % appreciate the fact that the postal services area is easy to identify as such. 91.5% consider the opening hours as meeting their personal requirements, 78.6% think the atmosphere in the stores is pleasant, 78.3% say that they are getting served quickly. The average overall rating for Post-Partner stores (on a school mark scale of 1-5) is 2.1.
Every fifth customer is a postal services customer
21.2% of those interviewed have also made use of one or the other postal service when doing their grocery shopping.
From among all those persons having already made use of a postal service at the Post-Partner store, 78.4% have already posted a letter, 29.2% a parcel, 3.2% an Express Mail Service (EMS) item. 11.2% collect notified items from the Post-Partner store. The financial services offered by the Post-Partner store are likewise a well-accepted service. About one in three Post-Partner customers using postal services is a customer of P.S.K. at the same time.

Higher customer frequency for the Post-Partner store
The fact that 8.5% of those interviewed state that they are patronising the local store more frequently now than they did before goes to show that the local store itself also stands to benefit from the partnership with the postal administration.

Alliance between Österreichische Post AG - Austrian Economic Chamber
On 26 November 2001, Österreichische Post AG and the Austrian Economic Chamber signed an agreement under which Österreichische Post AG commits itself to taking over 60% of an initial investment amounting to ATS 130,000 (EUR 9,448) for the Post-Partner stores. Through negotiations with regional and local authorities, the Austrian Economic Chamber ensured that the remaining 40% will be provided. For the Post-Partner store itself, investments amount to ATS 24,000 (EUR 1,744) for current IT costs. The remainder of IT costs is being borne by Österreichische Post AG.

Styria: 8961 Stein an der Enns und 8353 Kapfenstein
Lower Austria: 3042 Würmla
Salzburg: 5584 Zederhaus und 5603 Kleinarl
Upper Austria: 4625 Offenhausen und 4682 Geboltskirchen
Burgenland: 7223 Sieggraben

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