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Extra dividend paid by Österreichische Post AG

Pressemeldung from 04.05.2001

4.6 billion ATS (334.30 million €) extra dividend declared by Finance Board

In the Finance Board meeting of Österreichische Post AG held on 4 May 2001, the owner requested an extra dividend amounting to 4.6 billion ATS (334.30 million €) to be declared for the financial year 2000 in addition to the annual dividend of 400 million ATS (29.07 million €).

Österreichische Post AG CEO Anton Wais commented this decision by stating that the company was well on its way to becoming a modern, customer-oriented and competitive service provider. Apart from further investments, the next steps to be taken would be in the direction of increasing the company's efficiency and competitiveness.

"We need to step up the speed of change in all areas", said Wais. The year 2001 will see significant investment, for instance in new types of operations and products, as well as acquisitions. Wais explains, "In spite of the positive result achieved in the financial year 2000, we will have to continue in our efforts".

The reduction in the company's equity ratio caused by the extra dividend will not affect Österreichische Post AG's ability to implement its "forward" strategy, as the President of the Supervisory Board has agreed not to request any further extra dividends until 2004.

Österreichische Post AG's financial statement for 2000 will be published on 21 May 2001.

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