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Österreichische Post AG's advertisement messages hit home with customers

Pressemeldung from 05.10.2001

Focus allocates excellent scores to TV spots, print and poster campaign

On the basis of personal interviews, Focus Marketing Research GmbH tested this August which impact TV spots, print and poster campaigns currently run in Austria have on consumers. The survey showed a positive score for Österreichische Post AG's campaign (agency: Barci&Partner / Young&Rubicam).

The top hit: The "School" TV spot
The "School" TV spot scored absolute top marks. With a brand perception of 51%, the spot was 21 percentage points above the average of all package and delivery service TV spots tested since 1998. Those interviewed rate the spot as "extraordinarily likeable, easy to understand, inventive, appealing and encouraging to buy". When compared to other commercials, the Österreichische Post AG spot ranks first with respect to brand perception, while sharing the pole position with Coca-Cola when it comes to familiarity.
"All in all, an high-impact and attractive TV spot that excellently conveys brand-specific elements", commented Focus.

Highly assertive: The "EMS - Office" spot
"High assertiveness and brand perception" is what the Focus test has to say about Österreichische Post AG's second TV sport, "EMS - Office".
Those interviewed find the Express Mail Sport "aggressive, encouraging to buy, conspicuous and appealing above-average"

Top brand perception: Print advertisement "Um einen Brief verliebter"
The "Klavier - Um einen Brief verliebter" print advertisement is perceived as appealing and easy to understand. With a brand perception of 55%, this ad scores by 21 percentage points higher than the average of all the print advertisements reviewed by Focus so far.
Focus's opinion: "All in all, a very appealing print ad with above-average scores in almost all dimensions."

Simply fetching: Our posters:
Both the "Um einen Reiseprospekt beweglicher" and "Um einen Brief verliebter" motives, which had already been tested as a print ad, were considered to be "appealing" by those interviewed. The brand perception of "Um einen Brief verliebter" scores significantly above average in all socio-demographic criteria. This motive impresses those interviewed above all as up-to-date, while "Um einen Reiseprospekt beweglicher" is perceived as being inventive. The survey confirms high appeal values for both ads.

Campaign to continue until the middle of November 2001
The campaign will run from Monday, 1 October 2001, with the TV spots mentioned and the new print and poster ads, until the middle of November 2001.
The Focus survey already indicates that the goal set - a significant increase of "" brand perception - will be achieved with this campaign.

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