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Vienna Letter Center

Pressemeldung from 04.10.2002

Starting-up difficulties overcome - Österreichische Post AG’s customers now get their mail delivered on time again 80 percent of all domestic letter items delivered on the workday following posting

Österreichische Post AG has overcome the starting-up difficulties experienced shortly after operations started at the new Vienna Letter Center.
The Vienna Letter Center, with a staff f 1,200 and an area covering 30,000 m2, one of the largest and most state-of-the-art logistics centers in Europe, is fully operative since 2 September 2002. During the four weeks following the start of operations, the merging of seven sorting locations into one central location for Vienna and large parts of Lower Austria and Burgenland, the complete restructuring of local logistics operations that came with it, and technical equipment problems at the new Letter Center led to delays in the delivery of letter mails and newspapers.

80 percent of all domestic letter items are delivered all over Austria on the workday following posting
As of the beginning of October, we are back again at a value of 80 percent of all domestic letter items being delivered to their recipients on the workday following posting. In comparison, this value was 79% in June 2002 - before the Vienna Letter Center became operationals - and 65% in September, due to the starting-up difficulties involved the changeover process.

95 percent by 2004 - target reached already in Salzburg and Styria
By 2004, Österreichische Post intends to achieve a value of 95% of next-day letter mail delivery all over Austria. In Salzburg and Styria, where new logistics centers were opened last year, we have reached this target already. While in August 2001 this quality criterion reached a modest 75 percent in Salzburg, the value for August 2002 was already 95 percent. The situation is similar in Styria, where the rate increased from 74 percent to 95 percent over the period from October 2001 to August 2002.

Successful improvements in sorting facilities
We have also achieved a significant improvement in throughput rates in the sorting facilities at the Vienna Letter Center, i.e. the volume of items that can be submitted to automated processing. At the beginning of September, the preliminary sorting equipment at the Vienna Letter Center was able to automatically process 87 percent of the daily volume of letter items. By the beginning of October, we have managed to improve this rate to 92 percent with the help of fine tuning measures.
In the case of the so-called flat sorters, special sorting machines for large-size items, has been possible to increase the rate of automatically sorted items from 85 percent at the beginning of September to 89 percent at the beginning of October.

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