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Österreichische Post AG invests € 221 million into the future

Pressemeldung from 11.07.2002

Vienna Letter Center starts trial operation
Among the top in Europe with six state-of-the-art logistics center

Österreichische Post AG invests a total of more than € 221 million into modernizing its logistics operations. All the processes related with the collection, sorting, and distribution of mail will be concentrated at six locations, which count among the European top state-of-the-art logistics centers.

Quality improvement through logistics streamlining
The collection, sorting, and distribution processes are currently still partly taking place on historically grown and often inadequate equipment that no longer meets the standards Österreichische Post AG is committed to delivering to its customers as a postal service provider. Concentrating operations from currently 14 to six state-of-the-art logistics centers will simplify and speed up all these processes.
The following improvements will result from this approach:
More service: Item routing times will be reduced. At least 95% of all domestic items will arrive at their destination within one day after having been posted (E+1) .
More savings: The new logistics operations will provide more speed, more reliability, more customer service, and significant savings.
More success: Postal services within the EU will be gradually liberalized. Österreichische Post AG has to cope with new competitors constantly entering the Austrian market. Reliable services are the prerequisite needed for qualified jobs and satisfied customers.

Where are the new logistics centers located?
Logistics Center Upper Austria - Linz (in operation, modernization scheduled for 2003)
Logistics Center Styria - Graz (in operation)
Logistics Center Salzburg - Wals (in operation)
Logistics Center Carinthia - Villach (from 2004)
Logistics Center Tirol / Vorarlberg (from 2004)
Letter Center Vienna (autumn 2002)

Vienna Letter Center – One of the largest infrastructure projects in Austria
The core of the new logistics operations is the Vienna Letter Center. One of the largest and most state-of-the-art logistics centers in Europe, it is currently being run in trial operation and is scheduled to become fully operational by September. 1,200 highly qualified employees will work around the clock seven days a week in three shifts, handling about four million items, which amounts half of Austria´s letter volume. The change-over of Österreichische Post AG’s logistics without an interruption in operations is the largest venture of this kind ever undertaken by an Austrian company.

The construction work for the Vienna Letter Center covered more than 330,000 m³. 5.5 km of materials-handling equipment, 57 unloading gates plus an individual railway connection were set upsd. The volume of investment for the Vienna Letter Center amounts to € 110 million.

Qualified staff for high-quality work
1200 employees will work in 40 groups directed by one group manager each for about 30 employees. Training will be provided both by Österreichischen Post AG and equipment vendors. Nine information and motivation events for employees have already been staged during trial operation.
The entire Vienna Letter Center has been designed according to the latest ergonomic and occupational medicine findings: automation technology with newly developed unloading robots is used for lifting and carrying heavy loads. Maximum noise reduction and noise insulation in all workplaces, optimum constant light intensity and biological air conditioning combine to form a man-technology symbiosis.

The reduction of logistics locations goes hand in hand with a restructuring of transport logistics, as the connections between the centers require perfectly timed and coordinated tours. As before, the centers will be supplied with items via road and rail over night, with time-critical items being assigned to road transport and non-time-critical items to rail transport.

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