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Österreichische Post AG

Pressemeldung from 28.06.2002

From 1 July 2002, new organizational structure to meet competition and liberalization

In August 2001, the Supervisory Board of Österreichische Post AG adopted the decision to align the organization more closely towards market requirements by setting up the Info-Mail, Letter, Courier-Express-Parcel (CEP), Media Services, and Counter Services - Branch Network divisions. In the process, all the pros and cons of this kind of organizational setup were presented.
Both the Management Board and the Supervisory Board of Österreichische Post AG regarded this organizational change as a major step along the way towards strengthening entrepreneurial responsibility on all levels of the organization and towards improving financial results.
During the transitional phase in 2002, well-organized cost management ensured that effort figures stayed within the defined budget.
From December 2001 until the end of June 2002, each step and each process was recorded and documented in virtually meticulous detail to ensure transparency of all the decisions taken.
Medium-term planning until 2006, which was drawn up already after the re-organization, provides clear evidence that the company expects even more cost reductions and increases in sales figures from this step.
The new divisions, Info-Mail, Letters, CEP, Media Services and Counter Services - Branch Network have drawn up their divisional strategies, which are now available in detail on more than 200 pages.
Österreichische Post AG’s management is able to rely on a broad range of state-of-the-art control methods to ensure the charted course is being kept and that all decisions are made with the aim to raise the company’s value and safeguard jobs in the long run.

The restructuring of the post office organization is to be completed shortly, as planned. So far, 586 post offices have been merged. The migration of staff within the company has been completed; responsibilities have been transferred to the new divisional management. The concerted and accurate implementation of concepts such as the merging of post offices (post office network concept) and the reduction of delivery locations from 1881 to 570 (50% of which until the end of 2002) goes to show that all these measures are well-planned and promptly implemented.
The medium-term planning until 2006 has been submitted to the Supervisory Board, in accordance with group standards on the profit/loss level including planned balances, capital flows, investment plan as well as all key financial indicators, and has been communicated to the members of the Board representing the staff already on Tuesday.
For this reason, the Management Board strongly repudiates accusations of having acted in an unplanned and unstructured manner.
Again, this is an attempt to raise concern among the staff as well as the public at large by making unfounded accusations instead of supporting the company’s alignment to market requirements in a responsible way. Statements implying that the number of executives within the company is going to increase by 10 percent are simply not true and will vanish into thin air just as other misguided calculations made previously.
A 35% increase in EBIT and a 17% increase in profit on ordinary activities in the face of a 2% reduction of sales volume - these achievements made by our company’s employees, who are willing to share the burden of change, are being severely discriminated by such statements.
The goals of the reorganization are to achieve transparency on the one hand, and to position Österreichische Post AG within the competitive environment both on the national and, due to globalization, international levels as the largest “face-to-face service provider” on the market.


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