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Redefinition of domestic bulky parcels service

Pressemeldung from 30.08.2002

Rates for bulky and fragile parcels reduced
as of 1 September 2002

As of 1 September 2002, Österreichische Post AG redefines its service offering for bulky parcels. Cuboid-shaped parcels exceeding dimensions of 100 x 60 x 60 cm as well as all non-cuboid-shaped parcels cannot be subjected to automated processing by Österreichische Post AG and are therefore defined as bulky parcels.

From 1 September 2002, Österreichische Post AG will distinguish between “small bulky parcels” and “large bulky parcels”.
Small bulky parcels refers to parcels intended for domestic destinations which are not cuboid-shaped and whose dimensions do not exceed 100 x 60 x 60 cm. All domestic parcels exceeding these dimensions will be considered as large bulky parcels regardless of their form. The surcharge on the applicable parcel rate will be Euro 3 for small bulky parcels, and Euro 7 for large bulky parcels for each item sent.
So far, a general surcharge of Euro 14.53 has been charged on domestic bulky parcels. Bulky parcels used to be all domestic parcels exceeding two meters in any one dimension or three meters combined for all dimensions.

Parcels exceeding a length of 2 meters and a girth (the sum total of length and circumference transverse to the length) of 4.5 meters cannot be handled by Österreichische Post AG.
There will be no changes regarding the rates for international bulky parcels. The applicable surcharge will continue to be EUR 14.53. The definition as to what constitutes a bulky parcel is governed by the rules and regulations in force in the country of destination.

Rates for the especially careful handling of “fragile” parcels will be reduced, too. As of 1 September 2002, the surcharge for this service will be EUR 3 on the applicable parcel rate per item. So far, the surcharge for “fragile” parcels has been EUR 14.53.

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