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Reorganization by business branches is going to be implemented as planned

Pressemeldung from 09.04.2002

Concerns expressed by staff representatives thoroughly discussed and eliminated

A two-day closed meeting with the staff representatives on the topic of reorganizing Österreichische Post AG by business branches ended with a statement issued by the Supervisory Board. The following five items were agreed upon during the meeting:

  1. The reorganization will in no case result in the enterprise being broken up:
    It is the aim of the Supervisory Board to secure the long-term viability of the enterprise, not to split it up.
  2. All measures taken will take the interests of the enterprise as a whole into account:
    Necessary process optimization measures improve the competitiveness of the entire enterprise, meet customer requirements, make use of cost advantages provided by synergies between the various branches, and do not increase overall costs.
  3. Logistics and distribution in the enterprise:
    Logistics and distribution have always been, are, and will remain to be, the core competencies of Österreichische Post AG, which will be continued to be provided by the company's employees.
  4. Job losses:
    Jobs will be made redundant on the regional level on the basis of already existing models. If necessary, these models will be developed further on the regional level, and also be adapted from the contents point of view.
  5. Regulation in cases of hardship:
    A special budget amounting to Euro four million will be set up for individual cases of hardship suffered in the course of layoffs. The allocation of resources from this budget will be agreed upon with the central staff committee.
In addition, it has been agreed to keep the central staff committee up-to-date on the progress of this project.
The result of the closed meeting is a catalog listing 24 items for further negotiation, which will be dealt with within the framework of defined rounds of negotiation until 22 May 2002. Agreement has already been reached on items such as shift premiums, vacations, and work dress.

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