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Österreichische Post AG

Pressemeldung from 22.02.2002

Ballots, staff meetings, and strikes - further measures in counterproductive thwarting tactics
A step backwards for customers, staff, and company

Österreichische Post AG's Supervisory Board adopted the concept for a divisional restructuring of the company already last year. An objection against business management was raised out of time. In a meeting with the staff committee, which lasted for more than 4 hours, Österreichische Post AG's Supervisory Board was able to reply to all questions asked and to provide comprehensive information on the subject, but it seems nevertheless to be the labor union representatives' declared aim to prevent the company from carrying out urgently needed reforms.
"Steps like these have two effects: They cost money and they cause worries among all our customers. Ballots and strikes impair the progress of Österreichische Post AGs competitiveness, and I am sure that our customers will show little sympathy for such counterproductive measures", said Deputy CEO Rudolf Jettmar.

Accusations of a company break-up strongly repudiated
The division-based restructuring is clearly aimed at a medium-term improvement of earnings and thus at securing the future of the company. "The Supervisory Board has no plans whatsoever to break up the company and has always confirmed this stance. This imputation has been strongly repudiated several times already. The issue at hand is to optimize the company as a whole, and in the final count there is only one acceptable result: A positive improvement for the entire organization", agree CEO Anton Wais and Peter Michaelis, President of the Supervisory Board of Österreichische Post AG.
The horror scenario regarding the loss of jobs and revenues as presented by the staff representatives has no factual basis whatsoever - the figures mentioned cannot be derived from any set of measures or from the divisional concept submitted by the management. Assumptions without a foundation in facts can never serve as a basis for an objective discussion", says Jettmar.

Further steps
The restructuring of the organization in the form of divisions will be implemented as planned. The next milestones are scheduled for the end of March, when the main processes will have been completely drawn up and coordinated, and for May, when reliable information concerning the economic development caused by the restructuring will be available.

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