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Österreichische Post AG at the Austrian Games Festival from 22 to 24 November at Austria Center Vienna

Pressemeldung from 13.11.2002

New Philis stamp presented on the opening day

From 22 - 24 November 2002, 16,000 m² at Austria Center Vienna will, for the 18th time in a row, accommodate the Austrian Games Festival. 5,000 board, card and party games will be available for testing on 1,200 games tables.
Together with the United Nations postal administration, the Austrian National Printing Office, the association of philatelists and the Austrian association of stamp retailers, Österreichische Post AG will set out to show above all to young people that stamp collecting is far from being  just a hobby for the older generation.

Collecting stamps - an adventure
Mel, Edison, Sisco, Lucy, Gogo - the five agents and their shaggy-looking companion Mauritius are the heroes of Österreichische Post AG’s OPERATION KIT, which contains everything today’s young collectors need. The ”Schlaue Buch” (smart book) providing tips and tricks as well as stories about the PHILIS, a stamp album, an ”Anti-Nass-Buch” (anti-wet-book) for drying stamps removed from letters or cards, a pair of tweezers, a ”Schau-genau-Schlüssel” (look-close-key) for upcoming professionals, a magnifying glass, plus a huge amount of stamps featuring different subjects from all over the world – ideal for collecting and swapping.

First day of third Philis stamp
On the opening day of the Games Festival on 22 November, a Post.Mobil will be set up on the ground floor of Austria Center Vienna for the first day of the third Philis issue. Collectors can not only get a special postmark as well as an extra first day postmark, but also a cachet postmark referring to the Games Festival.

Interesting philately prizes wait for those participating in drawing and puzzle-solving competitions. The winner will be invited to ÖVEBRIA, the annual stamp exhibition hosted by the Austrian association, which will take place in Graz, the European cultural capital for 2003, from 23 to 25 May 2003.

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