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Österreichische Post AG’s Euro-Mail makes direct marketing abroad a lot easier

Pressemeldung from 07.01.2002

Business customers save time and money

Österreichische Post AG offers business customers a new product for direct mailing to destinations abroad. Euro-Mail makes direct marketing in other European countries a lot easier for Austrian businesses. “Within Austria, we already offer our customers three different types of mailings. Euro-Mail now provides a simple and cost-efficient way to take direct mailing abroad”, says Josef Halbmayr, director for sales and marketing.

Available all over Austria
Euro-Mail, which was started as a pilot operation in Salzburg and Upper Austria, will now be offered all over Austria.
Österreichische Post AG acts as a general contractor, submitting an overall proposal (collection, processing, and delivery) and - once the job has been completed - an overall invoice to the customer. Having entered into agreements with the postal operations providers of other countries, Österreichische Post AG is able to offer its business customers a highly favorable mailing variant to these destinations.

First steps taken already in the summer of 1999
In the summer of 1999, Österreichische Post AG signed a first direct posting agreement with Deutsche Post AG (DPAG) as its main partner for foreign letter-post items, which enables Österreichische Post AG - and thus its customers - to directly post items in Germany under Deutsche Post AG’s domestic terms and conditions.
This option is particularly interesting for customers who have so far been using the international letter format to send larger volumes of items of the same content or weight to Germany - now they can use DPAG’s Infopost product, provided the volume sent exceeds 4000 items.

As with Info-Mail, Österreichische Post AG’s comparable product for the domestic market, the substantially more favorable rate is linked to certain conditions being met beforehand: minimum number of items, sorting, postage prepaid, etc.
In the case of direct posting, the preparation of items for delivery is relatively time and effort consuming, in particular for small and medium enterprises that used to do this themselves. With Euro-Mail, Österreichische Post AG takes care of collecting, franking, addressing, folding the items and inserting them into envelopes, based on cooperation agreements with Lettershops. 

The employees at Österreichische Post AG’s Direct Marketing Centers are always ready to offer professional advice.

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