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Exchange of Schilling-denominated stamps still possible until 19 December 2003

Pressemeldung from 23.09.2003

So far stamps with a value equivalent to € 5.5 million have been exchanged by Österreichische Post AG’s stamp exchange center

Until 19 December 2003, it is still possible to exchange stamps denominated in Schilling, which ceased to be valid for postage on 1 July 2003, for Euro-denominated standard issue stamps. It is not possible to exchange the stamps for cash.
An information folder available at all post offices gives a detailed description of how to proceed to exchange stamps via the stamp exchange center. The required declaration confirming the customer’s consent to the conditions for exchanging stamps at the stamp exchange center is likewise available at all post offices. You can either bring your stamps to the stamp exchange center in person or send it to the following address:

Österreichische Post AG
Gasgasse 9
1150 Wien

The opportunity to personally exchange stamps at the stamp exchange center will be available up to, and including, Friday, 19 December 2003. Where Schilling-denominated stamps are mailed to the stamp exchange center via letter or parcel, 19 December will likewise be regarded as the last possible date for submission (as per postmark date).

The cost of exchanging stamps amounts to 10 percent of the stamps’ value for each exchange transaction, but in no case to less than € 12. For more information, please contact the stamp exchange center (phone number 01/ 892 35 02).

History of the exchange of Schilling stamps for Euro stamps
From 1 January 2002 until 30 June 2002, it was possible to exchange whole or half sheets and single stamps up to an amount of 50 items against standard issue Euro stamps free of charge at all Austrian post offices, in addition to the possibility of using up remaining Schilling-denominated stamps in spite of the fact that the new currency had already been introduced.

From 1 July 2002 until the end of the year, exchange was possible only via the stamp exchange center at a price of € 10 for each exchange transaction, regardless of the quantity of stamps exchanged.
From 1 January 2003, the cost of exchanging stamps amounted to 10 percent of the stamps’ value for each exchange transaction, but in no case to less than € 12.

From the beginning of 2002 until the end of August 2003, the stamp exchange center exchanged Schilling-denominated stamps equivalent to € 5.5 million.

For more information please contact:
Österreichische Post AG
Company communication
Press section/ PR
Michael Homola
Phone: +43 (1) 515 51 - 32010

Vienna, 23 September 2003

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