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“Postal yellow” as trademark

Pressemeldung from 13.10.2003

The special hue of yellow used by Österreichische Post AG’s receives trademark protection in Austria for the delivery of letters, parcels and newspapers

Since September 2003, the distinctive hue of yellow used by Österreichische Post AG is a registered trademark in Austria for the delivery of letters, parcels, newspapers and advertisement items and is thus exclusively reserved for the use of Österreichische Post AG in these areas of business. The “postal yellow” is number 1021 in the RAL color system, which covers a range of 1,688 colors.

At the end of last year, Österreichische Post AG commissioned an expert opinion to establish whether or not, and if so, to which extent, the hue of yellow used by Österreichische Post AG is being associated with the enterprise’s range of services. The Fessel-GfK research institute conducted a personal interview poll among 978 persons over 15 years of age. 99 percent of those interviewed clearly associated the color with Österreichische Post AG after having been shown a color card and a listing of delivery companies active in Austria.

For Österreichische Post AG, achieving trademark protection for their corporate color optimally ensures the unique identity of the enterprise in a liberalized postal market.

In addition to the post horn, the color yellow has symbolized the postal service since its beginnings in Europe at the end of the 15th century. The use of the color yellow has its origin in the color of the coat of arms of the Thurn and Taxis family, which is considered to be the founder of modern-day postal services in Europe. The majority of Europe’s postal services use the color yellow as the primary color in their corporate designs.

For more information please contact:

Österreichische Post AG
Company communication
Press section/ PR
Michael Homola
Phone: +43 (1) 515 51 - 32010

Vienna, 13 October 2003

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