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Retirement pension cash payments remain unchanged

Pressemeldung from 02.10.2003

Changes in money orders and COD items have no impact on cash payment of retirement pensions

As of 1 October 2003, Österreichische Post AG has effected changes in postal money orders and COD item delivery.
So far, senders of COD items have been able to choose between remittance of the amount due to an account or cash collection by postal service delivery staff. Since 1 October 2003, COD amounts owed have to be paid into the sender’s account without exception.

The 1 October 2003 also brought changes for the so-called domestic money orders. Here, cash disbursement by delivery staff has been replaced by cash disbursement in post offices. The benefit for customers lies in the fact that domestic money orders can now be handled immediately after the order has been given.
The cash payment of retirement pensions by postal service delivery staff, however, is not affected by the changes and will remain in effect as before. Delivery staff will continue to pay out retirement pensions directly to the customers.

For more information please contact:
Österreichische Post AG
Company communication
Press section/ PR
Johannes Angerer
Phone: +43 (1) 515 51 - 32012

Vienna, 2 October 2003

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