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Corporate history

1490 Europe’s first standardised postal service, between Innsbruck and Mechelen (Belgium)
1750 Regular passenger carrying mail coach services begin in the mid-18th century.
1787 First-time use of postmarks bearing precise date and place information
1817 Reorganisation of the postage rate system, introduction of letter boxes
1850 Introduction of postage stamps, advent of mail deliveries by rail
1863 International postal conference held in Paris – guidelines for international postal treaties
1869 First postcards, an Austrian invention, are issued
1874 Founding of the World Postal Association
1875 Invention and start-up of a pneumatic capsule pipeline system in Vienna
1916 First indoor cluster box units installed in Austria
1918 World’s first civil air mail service in Austria
1928 Introduction of home letterboxes
1938 Integration into the German Reichspost organisation
1945 Resumption of postal services in Austria
Reorganisation and reconstruction of the Austrian postal branch network
1957 Introduction of drop-off mailboxes for rural delivery staff
Start-up of a mechanical parcel sorting facility at the Viennese post office 101 (Western Railway Station)
1959 Start-up of a mechanical letter mail sorting and postal pouch conveyor system at the Viennese post office 101 (Western Railway Station)
1966 Introduction of a national system of postal codes
1986 Express Mail Service (EMS) as new service with priority treatment for letters and parcels
1996 Founding of Post und Telekom Austria (PTA) Austrian Post becomes a legally independent entity (for postal and post bus operations)
1999 Targeted investments in modernisation of the logistics infrastructure
2000 Post bus business spin off to the ÖIAG
2001 Acquisition of feibra Austria (unaddressed direct mail)
2002 Acquisition of Slovakian parcel companies Slovak Parcel Service (SPS) and In-Time
2003 Acquisition of Overseas Trade (Croatia)
2005 Purchase of feibra Hungary (unaddressed direct mail)
Increase of shareholding in feibra Austria (unaddressed advertising) to 100%
2006 IPO on the Vienna Stock Exchange – 49% free float
Acquisition of Kolos (unaddressed advertising/Slovakia), Wiener Bezirkszeitung (Media Post/Austria), trans-o-flex (B2B speciality
2007  Further acquisitions and penetration of niche markets:
Weber Escal (unaddressed advertising/Croatia), Scanpoint Europe (document digitalisation/Germany), Road Parcel Logistics and
Merland Expressz (parcels market/Hungary), Scherübl Transport (pharmaceuticals transport/Austria), meiller direct (direct marketing/
Germany), VOP and DHL EXPRESS DDS (parcels business/ Belgium and Netherlands), ST Media (unaddressed advertising/Croatia), City Express (parcels business/Serbia and Montenegro).
Purchase of a 5% stake in BAWAG PSK
2008  Integration of existing business and selective acquisitions: 24VIP, Cont-Média, HSH Holding