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Austrian Post
Postgasse 8
1010 Vienna/Austria
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Investor Relations
Dipl.-Ing. Harald Hagenauer
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Corporate Communications
Mag. Marc Zimmermann
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F: +43 (1) 400 222 017
Business Customers1
T: 0800 212 212

Private customers
T: 0810 010 100

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Post branches:
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We have prepared this report and checked the figures with the greatest possible care. Nevertheless, rounding, typographical
and printing errors can not be excluded. The aggregation of rounded amounts and percentages may result in rounding differences
due to the use of automated computational aids.
This annual report also contains forward-looking statements based on the information currently available to us. These are
usually indicated by expressions such as “expect”, “anticipate”, “estimate”, “plan” or “calculate”. We wish to note that a wide
variety of factors could cause actual circumstances – and hence actual results – to deviate from the forecasts contained in
this report.

Statements referring to people are valid for both men and women.
This annual report is also available in German. In case of doubt, the German version takes precedence.

Corporate information

Information disclosed under Section 5 Austrian E-Commerce Act (Federal Law Gazette I 2001/152 as amended) and § 25 Media Act (Federal Law Gazette 314/1981 as amended):

Österreichische Post Aktiengesellschaft
Company headquarters
Postgasse 8
1010 Vienna

Phone national:  0577 677 - 0
Phone international:  +43 577 67 - 0
Fax:  +43 (0) 577 67 - 22071

Legal structure: Aktiengesellschaft (joint stock corporation under Austrian law)
Company register No.: 180219d
Company register court: Handelsgericht Wien (Vienna Commercial Court)
VAT-ID: ATU46674503
Membership in Chambers: Austrian Economic Chamber
Established in: 1999
Owned by: 51% ÖIAG (Österreichische Industrieholding AG), 49% Free Float
Regulatory authorities: Telekom-Control Commission,
Austrian Regulatory Authority for Broadcasting and Telecommunications
Applicable rules and
Austrian Federal Postal Services Act (1997) see Federal Law Gazette I No. 18/1998, as amended in Federal Law Gazette I No. 72/2003


  1. Providing services and creating the necessary prerequisites for rendering such services in the field of
    1. postal services as according to the Postal Services Act (Federal Law Gazette 1998/18) as amended;
    2. parcel services;
    3. monetary services;
    4. other commercial services as far as this does not have a negative effect on the responsibilities mentioned under a) to c) above; in particular, financial services as according to the Post Office Savings Bank Act (Federal Law Gazette 458/1969) as amended; road transport of goods; trade with, and distribution of, miscellaneous goods; and the marketing of advertising space.
  2. Providing services in the field of information and communications technology in automated data processing and information technology.
  3. Planning, erecting, servicing and operating infrastructure for the purposes mentioned under 1 and 2 above.

The company is authorized to transact all business and take all measures necessary or useful with respect to its object, in particular to acquire real estate, establish branch operations and subsidiaries in Austria and abroad, and to acquire shares in other companies.

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