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Austrian Post – Annual Report 2009

Highlights 2009

Difficult market environment in 2009: Postal services negatively impacted by the recession

– Mail Division: Economic downturn accelerates electronic substitution
– Parcel & Logistics Division: International price pressure but market share gains in the core markets of Austria and Germany
– Branch Network Division: Lower letter mail volumes lead to structural changes

■ Group revenue down 3.5% or EUR 84.5m, to EUR 2,356.9m

■ Successful efficiency and cost reduction measures have a positive impact:
Savings targets achieved with regard to staff costs and operating expenses

■ EBIT down 11.9% or EUR 20.1m, to EUR 149.4m

■ Ongoing high cash flow and stable balance sheet

■ Continuation of attractive dividend policy: Dividend proposal of EUR 1.50/share in 2009

■ Strategic cornerstones and medium-term goals of the Group were defined

■ Outlook 2010: Revenue down 1–2% from 2009, stable EBITDA margin of 10–12%