Austrian Post promotes voter participation

The mega election year 2013 with more absentee voters than ever before increased the mail revenue of Austrian Post.

A voter casting his vote: more than 500,000 Austrians already rely on absentee ballots.

People eagerly took advantage of the possibility to cast votes in the parliamentary elections 2013. 12% of the votes cast were actually absentee ballots sent in my mail. Voter turnout rose from 65.9% to 74.4% thanks to more than 542,990 postal voters (source: SORA). Austrian Post ensured a secure, reliable and legally compatible voting process on the basis of its mailing competence. Other instances where voters were called to the polls, such as the referendum on military service and the Vienna referendum as well as provincial elections in the federal provinces of Carinthia, Lower Austria, Tyrol and Salzburg, also led to positive revenue effects in the mail segment in 2013. Postal voters could rely on the secure and trustworthy service of Austrian Post in submitting their ballots. Austrian Post also offers a customer-oriented full service package for all types of elections to cities and municipalities in addition to the national and provincial governments. “A vibrant democracy requires active voter participation. Austrian Post contributes to this on the basis of its know-how“, emphasizes Norbert Kosicak, Head of Branch Public.



“Austrian Post contributes its knowhow to ensuring a vibrant democracy.”
Head of Branch Public