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Annual Report Magazine FY 2015

12 AUSTRIAN POST ANNUAL REPORT 2015 COMPANY DIGITALISATION E-COMMERCE LOGISTICS ECOLOGICALISATION EMPLOYEES FACTS & FIGURES the reason why global letter mail volumes are continually declining. The decrease in Austria of 4% last year was more pronounced than in previous years, but still in the predicted range of minus 3–5% annually. In contrast, the parcel market is showing a clear growth trend, particu­ larly in the private customer segment. However, this is accompanied by intensive competition. Letter mail volumes which traditionally comprise your core business will tend to de- crease in the future. What are the underlying reasons for this structural change? HITZIGER: There are two main reasons. In the traditional addressed letter segment, we see that people intend to further reduce their volume of mail, and increasingly substitute this with online communication. The second factor is that the ad­ vertising market, which is important to us given that we transport close to five billion addressed and unaddressed direct mail items each year, is volatile. Particularly in such a weak economic environment, numerous customers tend to save rather than expand their activities. Nevertheless, many companies increasingly turned to this type of advertising once again in 2015. What can one do about this? You continue to claim the leadership position in this segment for the future as well … HITZIGER: We are steadily upgrading our THE MANAGEMENT BOARD š  Georg Pölzl, born in 1957, Chief Executive Officer (CEO) and Chairman of the Manage- ment Board of Austrian Post since October 2009. š  Walter Oblin, born in 1969, responsible for the financial management of Austrian Post as Chief Financial Officer (CFO) since July 2012. š  Walter Hitziger, born in 1960, Member of the Management Board of Austrian Post since May 2004, with responsibility for the Mail & Branch Network Division since Sep- tember 2011. š  Peter Umundum, born in 1964, Member of the Management Board and Director of the Parcel & Logistics Division since April 2011.

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