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Annual Report Magazine FY 2015

AUSTRIAN POST ANNUAL REPORT 2015 13 “We are number one in Austria and want to stay that way.” Georg Pölzl “We are continually working on further developing our structures in an efficient and up-to-date manner.” Walter Hitziger products and services towards individualised solutions. In particular, we have to offer our business customers a service and product portfo­ lio which optimally fulfils their requirements, both with regard to conventional letter mail and dialogue-oriented advertising on the basis of direct mail. We keep on thinking of what is best, and purposefully meet the trend towards greater digitalisation by developing solutions to link digital and traditional forms of communication. The catchword is hybrid offerings. In addition to this, we also intentionally think outside the box. For example, last year we created an attractive offering for our advertising customers by acquir­ ing Aktionsfinder. Naturally our retail customers can equally benefit from this. Which structural improvements are being implemented? HITZIGER: We continuously focus on further developing our structures to ensure that they are efficient and up-to-date. In addition to other measures, also organisational in nature, we are massively investing in state-of-the-art sorting technology and working tools on an ongoing basis. The underlying objective is to further enhance process efficiency along the path taken by mail items we transport. This also extends to the deployment of e-vehicles which not only perfectly fulfil our delivery requirements but also have a positive effect on the environment. Mr. Umundum, the parcel business is ex- tremely multifaceted and, unlike the mail seg- ment, can look forward to growth impetus ... UMUNDUM: We are the market leader in the Austrian parcel business, and already transport­ ed 80 million parcels in 2015, representing a good 40% increase compared to just five years ago. The main factor driving this growth is the online business, which we can perfectly support thanks to our product and service portfolio. We offer online retailers delivery options in our logistics networks which precisely fit their needs. Subsequently we guarantee high-speed delivery throughout Austria. In this way we optimally support the online shopping trend. How are you arming yourself to cope with increasing competition in this segment? UMUNDUM: We do this by further improving the outstanding quality we already offer. For years we have been consistently making invest­ ments. As a result, we boast the best network in the country today. Our mail and parcel carriers reach every household in Austria every day, and can already deliver the vast majority of parcels on the next working day. This is of enormous importance to our customers. Moreover, we have a clear competitive edge in terms of service. One example is Saturday delivery which was intro­ duced in 2015. This means we deliver parcels six days a week. I have other examples in mind, „ AUSTRIAN POST ANNUAL REPORT 201513

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