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Annual Report Magazine FY 2015

14 AUSTRIAN POST ANNUAL REPORT 2015 COMPANY DIGITALISATION E-COMMERCE LOGISTICS ECOLOGICALISATION EMPLOYEES FACTS & FIGURES i.e. our successful entry into the food logistics market, our extensive self-service solutions, the Post App providing our customers with max­ imum delivery flexibility, or the 3,600 postal service points where customers in Austria can take advantage of the services offered by Austri­ an Post. PÖLZL: We are steadily expanding this high level of service. In 2016 we will have installed at least 330 self-service zones, 250 pick-up stations and 16,000 pick-up boxes in residential buildings throughout Austria. However, apart from the technical dimensions of what we offer, the hu­ man factor also plays an important role. Thanks to the commitment and experience of our mail carriers, we manage to actually bring 91% of all parcels to the recipients in the first delivery attempt. There is no need for me to emphasise what this means for people in terms of comfort and convenience. You also operate in the parcel business outside of Austria. Is the performance of your international subsidiaries just as dynamic as in Austria? UMUNDUM: We are also witnessing a very positive development in Eastern Europe, where there is consistent double-digit volume growth. Naturally we face strong competition and price pressure, but our logistics know-how and the high quality of services which we also roll out in these markets from our Austrian base brings significant advantages. In this case we benefit from our extensive experience on the domestic market. The same applies to the Turkish parcel services provider Aras Kargo, in which we have held a 25% stake since 2013. The basic postal market trends also prevail in Turkey, which is a chal­ lenging but promising market. In 2014 Turkish parcel volumes grew by 17%. We also systemat­ ically contribute our know-how to supporting Aras Kargo where it makes sense, e.g. within the context of joint optimisation projects for logis­ tics hubs and shops. In 2016 we have the option of increasing our stake in the company. What is the situation in Germany, where things did not develop the way the company wanted in recent years? UMUNDUM: The business in the very competitive German market continues to develop below our expectations. For this reason, after considering all strategic options, we decided to sell the trans- o-flex Group. Ultimately the success of Austrian Post is determined by retail customers. How do they realise that the products and services of Aus- trian Post are in step with the times and meet their needs? PÖLZL: There are two dimensions to this. On the one hand, they see this physically, in their branch offices, where we continually test new ideas and services. If they prove to be successful, we roll them out on a broad basis. One example well-received by our customers is the system of having only one line of people waiting to be served in the branch offices. As a next step, we are testing a ticket system. We are also working on children’s corners, coffee dispensers, info­ screens and our own entertainment programme. Of course our self-service solutions are extreme­ ly important, including the possibility to pick up mail items on a 24/7 basis. The second level in which we take retail cus­ tomers with us into the future is our online world. The above-mentioned Post App is spearheading our efforts. It offers customers maximum comfort, from track and trace and redirection to the digital “yellow slips”. We offer other services as well such as the self-print­ able online parcel stamp, or the Postcard App, enabling individualised postcards to be sent directly from a person’s smart phone. These innovations are popular and we always get very positive feedback about them in the context of our regular customer surveys. Are there going to be changes in your business strategy as a result of ongoing changes in the business environment? PÖLZL: We formulated our business strategy several years ago, keeping these precise types of change in mind. We will continue on this path outlined by our four strategic cornerstones. We are permanently working on safeguarding our market leadership on our domestic market, and further enhancing efficiency. At the same time, we are exploiting new growth opportunities in Austria and abroad, providing ongoing impe­ tus with respect to customer orientation and innovation. This strategy has proven its value, and will remain the guiding force behind all our activities. What are your most important success factors? PÖLZL: The main success factors for us are definitely the innovative strength and commit­ ment of our employees. It is essentially to their credit that we are number one when it comes to

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