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Annual Report Magazine FY 2015

AUSTRIAN POST ANNUAL REPORT 2015 15 our value proposition and ability to deliver on our promises. We are aware what Austrian Post employees accomplish day in and day out, and this is also rewarded. It is extremely important to pull together in the same direction. This is what we want and will continue to do. Our world record relay race entitled Mission:Susi, which took place last summer, provides symbolic proof of what people can achieve together. A total of 79 runners managed to cover a distance of 575 kilometres throughout the entire country in just 43 hours. This is a very good indication of the spirit prevailing at Austrian Post. Mr. Oblin, how is this multifaceted situation reflected in Austrian Post’s business results for 2015? OBLIN: The bottom line is that we achieved our targets. We increased revenue by 1.6% and improved our operating result. Operating EBIT rose to EUR 198.0m in 2015, which also saw several adjustments and special effects. On balance, we reported impairment losses of EUR 131.9m, of which the lion’s share pertains to the subsidiary trans-o-flex held for sale. The cash flow before acquisitions and securities amounted to EUR 178.3m in 2015, surpassing the compa­ rable figure for 2014. The strong cash flow also secures our investment strength for the future. In addition, it serves as a basis to keep our dividend promise. We will propose a dividend of EUR 1.95 per share for the 2015 financial year to the Annual General Meeting. This corresponds to a dividend yield of close to 6% in relation to the share price at the end of December 2015. We stand by our commitment to a sustainably stable dividend policy. In other words, should your shareholders be satisfied? OBLIN: We hope so. Even in the tenth year following our initial public offering, we remain committed to maintaining our capital market positioning. Against the backdrop of turbulent times, we still delivered a remarkable perfor­ mance. The total shareholder return for the original Austrian Post shareholders is currently 163.1%. In particularly turbulent times on stock markets, it is important for us to reiterate the fact that we are adhering to our policy of being an attractive dividend stock. Mr. Pölzl, can it be expected that Austrian Post will continue to be so reliable in the future? PÖLZL: Absolutely. Stability and predictability are our priorities in the coming year. In spite of increasing uncertainty on the mail and parcel market, our objective is to maintain stable operating results. In recent years, we even man­ aged to generate slightly improved earnings. In everything we do, one thing is certain: we will always be on the move, in the interests of our customers, employees and shareholders. “We boast the best network in the country thanks to consistent investments.” Peter Umundum ■ “We delivered a remarkable performance, even in turbulent times.” Walter Oblin AUSTRIAN POST ANNUAL REPORT 201515

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