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Annual Report Magazine FY 2015 - Stable and Predictable

20 AUSTRIAN POST ANNUAL REPORT 2015 COMPANY DIGITALISATION E-COMMERCE LOGISTICS ECOLOGICALISATION EMPLOYEES FACTS & FIGURES STABLE AND PREDICTABLE The business strategy of Austrian Post is based on three corner- stones: a solid business model, high profitability and an attractive dividend policy for the benefit of its shareholders. The 2015 financial year yielded good results in all three areas. ECONOMIC OBJECTIVES OF AUSTRIAN POST Proven business model: solid revenue development Whereas volumes of addressed letter mail are de­ creasing due to ongoing e-substitution, Austrian Post is exploiting innovative solutions and growth opportunities in other business seg­ ments. In this way the company generated reve­ nue growth of 1.6% in 2015. The revenue fore­ cast for 2016 depends on a potential change in its business portfolio. A largely stable develop­ ment is targeted in its existing activities. High profitability: stable and predictable A solid level of profitability is a fundamental ba­ sis for sustainable corporate perspectives for the future. In recent years Austrian Post achieved its target of generating an EBITDA margin of around 12%. In 2016, Austrian Post will strive to generate a stable operating result driven by exist­ ing revenue trends, new, innovative business ­ideas and the implementation of the planned ­efficiency enhancement programme. Attractive dividend policy: Three-quarters of net profit distributed to shareholders Since the Initial Public Offering of Austrian Post in the year 2006, the company’s dividend policy has been a key cornerstone of its investment sto­ ry. Since then, at least 75% of the Group’s net profit has been distributed to shareholders each year. Accordingly, Austrian Post further devel­ oped its dividends in line with its operating re­ sults, ranking among the most attractive divi­ dend stocks on the Vienna Stock Exchange and in comparison to its international peers. STABLE AND PREDICTABLE AT LEAST 75% OF THE NET PROFIT SHOULD BE DISTRIBUTED High profitabilityHigh profitability Attractive dividendsAttractive dividends proven business modelproven business model SOLID REVENUE DEVELOPMENT

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