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Annual Report Magazine FY 2015

AUSTRIAN POST ANNUAL REPORT 2015 21 FOUR IS THE WINNING NUMBER IN 2010, AUSTRIAN POST DEFINED FOUR CORE STRATEGIES DESIGNED TO OUTLINE THE LONG- TERM PATH OF THE GROUP. 1. Defending market leadership in the core business Austrian Post aims to remain the market leader in Austria. For this reason, it guarantees the highest quality mail and parcel delivery service for the benefit of its customers. No other compa­ ny in Austria offers higher quality with respect to logistics and convenience than Austrian Post. In the light of intensified e-substitution, Austrian Post is continually upgrading its portfolio by adding new services and expanding its digital and hybrid offering. 2. Profitable growth in selected markets Austrian Post is pursuing a focused growth strat­ egy as a means of compensating for declining letter mail volumes. The primary emphasis is on the parcel and logistics business. Austrian Post stands out in the markets of South East and East­ ern Europe as well as Turkey thanks to its com­ prehensive know-how, striving to further devel­ op its business in a sector characterised by above-average growth rates. The Mail Solutions segment and the entire speciality logistics mar­ ket also offer attractive potential. 3. Enhancing efficiency and increasing flexibility of the cost structure A company aiming to achieve a high level of prof­ itability should not lose sight of the need for lean structures and processes. Austrian Post continu­ ously invests in its logistics infrastructure and re­ sorts to state-of-the-art technologies in order to further enhance the efficiency of its operational processes. This begins with largely automated logistics centres and ends with the latest software solutions to plan delivery routes and transport operations. Process and staff costs are also subject to ongoing evaluation and optimisation. 4. Customer orientation and innovation Austrian Post has reacted to changes in customer requirements in recent years by de­ veloping innovative solutions for 24/7 services such as self-service zones, pick-up stations, pick-up boxes and smart phone applications for business and private customers. In addition, the company is planning the market launch of a series of further innovations, always with the aim of increasing customer benefits. THE FOUR STRATEGIC CORNER- STONES OF AUSTRIAN POST 1. 3. DEFENDING MARKET LEADER- SHIP IN THE CORE BUSINESS ENHANCING EFFICIENCY AND INCREASING FLEX- IBILITY OF THE COST STRUCTURE INFLUENCING AND SUCCESS FACTORS ... IN A CHALLENGING ENVIRONMENT EXTERNAL š State of the economy š E-substitution of addressed mail š Growth in parcel volumes as a result of the trend towards e-commerce š Factor cost increases and the development of staff costs š Regulatory environment INTERNAL š Strong brand awareness and a positive value framework š Motivated and productive employees š Products tailored to customer needs š Customer proximity and a nationwide distribution network š Reliability of services š Productive and cost-efficient logistics networks (economies of scale) š International links and logistics networks š Expansion into further promising growth areas 2. 4. PROFITABLE GROWTH IN SELECTED MARKETS CUSTOMER ORIENTATION AND INNOVATION ■ AUSTRIAN POST ANNUAL REPORT 201521

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