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Annual Report Magazine FY 2015

AUSTRIAN POST ANNUAL REPORT 2015 27 Print media adds impetus The renaissance of print is taking place particu­ larly in the field of advertising. Leaflets, flyers and catalogues have long ceased being only a transmitter of information, but serve as vital cat­ alysts. They appeal to a reader’s emotions, and in this way create new needs, in turn generating higher retail sales. Many companies now increasingly use print to complement their digital advertising activities. The most important ingredient of success is quality. Images, haptics and high quality con­ tents affect people. This understanding has impacted almost all sectors. It is hardly surprising that even Inter­ net retailers have discovered the value of print advertising, intentionally adding printed cata­ logues as emotional contrasts to their online of­ fering. You can rely on paper – the right to a printed invoice 60% of the Austrian population prefers to have important personal and sensitive documents on paper. This was confirmed by an Austrian Post survey carried out in 2015. On the one hand, the popularity of paper-based documents is due to emotional reasons. Paper conveys a feeling of se­ curity and reliability. On the other hand, people have a need to maintain an overview and control of the situation. Finally, printed materials are as­ sociated with customer-friendliness, official sta­ tus and data protection. For this reason, many companies intentionally communicate with their customers by letter, which is also confirmed by the Austrian Post survey. Accordingly, the ma­ jority of invoices and documents continue to be sent by post. Even if the volume of traditional letter mail once again declined in 2015, one thing is clear: letters remain the medium of choice for high quality and really important communication. This strongly suggests that the paperless world of to­ morrow is actually an idea from yesterday. Absentee voting is a good choice There is hardly any situation in which high qual­ ity communication is in demand as much as in the case of elections, especially when it comes to absentee voting per mail. Many Austrians now take absentee voting for granted. In addition to increased capacities, the many services required GROWTH POTENTIAL FOR AUSTRIAN POST The number of postal voters is expected to increase. Source: IFES study 2015, n=500 by Austrian Post to make absentee voting possi­ ble are based on a great deal of experience. The triumphal spread of postal voting is mainly a further indication of people’s confidence in let­ ters as a medium of communication, and thus also in Austrian Post, which makes such a con­ venient form of direct democracy possible in the first place. Austrian Post provides a whole range of complex services in connection with absentee voting, from the announcement of electoral rolls, hung up in residential building entrances, and delivering absentee ballots to installing addition­ al letterboxes: 1.Election notification The public announcement of an upcoming election, which includes the respective electoral rolls at a given address, is hung up in thousands of residential buildings. 2.Election information and absentee ballot request form Mail circulars provide information about the election, the relevant polling station and the possibility to submit an absentee ballot request form. „ 64% CAN IMAGINE VOTING BY MAIL 27% ALREADY VOTED BY MAIL 9% NOT SPECIFIED AUSTRIAN POST ANNUAL REPORT 201527

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