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Annual Report Magazine FY 2015 - Expertise Makes the Difference

30 AUSTRIAN POST ANNUAL REPORT 2015 COMPANY DIGITALISATION E-COMMERCE LOGISTICS ECOLOGICALISATION EMPLOYEES FACTS & FIGURES Long-term experience and many new ideas make Austrian Post the preferred partner for implementing efficient mailing campaigns. EXPERTISE MAKES THE DIFFERENCE Resurgence of an evergreen In recent years increasing digitalisation has given a boost to advertising flyers. In contrast to digital advertising, such direct mail items score points thanks to their impressive advertising impact. 97% of recipients actually take a look at the leaf­ lets, and 82% remember its contents (Source: Market Agent Flugblatt App Study 2015, Gallup Branchenmonitor LEH 2015). Accordingly, fly­ ers rank among the most effective means of ad­ vertising in Austria. The KUVERT is the leading source of information Parallel to the flyer, the Austrian Post KUVERT continued to fly high in 2015, increasing its reach to 37.8%. In the meantime, 2.2m Austrians al­ ready use it to inform themselves about the best retail offers (Source: CAWI-Print 2015). 52% even keep the KUVERT for up to three days (Source: exclusive report in 2015 by GmbH). The KUVERT bundles machine-processable leaf­ lets in one advertising envelope, thus ensuring The KUVERT is considered to be an “outreach jumbo” among Austria’s advertising media. FLYER FAR AHEAD Advertising recall Source: Gallup Branchenmonitor LEH 2015 82% FLYER 17% TV ADVERTISING 3% INTERNET ADVERTISING 2% E-MAIL NEWSLETTER SIMPLE, EFFICIENT, SUSTAINABLE. The lead man- agement plat- form of Austrian Post promises more efficiency in cross-media advertising campaigns. Here all advertising channels can be coordinated and evaluated online.

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