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Annual Report Magazine FY 2015

AUSTRIAN POST ANNUAL REPORT 2015 31 greater order in letterboxes. In addition, it also serves as a successful advertising medium, reli­ ably delivered twice a week to Austrian letter­ boxes. “Today the KUVERT is an integral part of the search for the latest offers and information of up to 3.2 million Austrian households. With our ‘jumbo tool for outreach’, we are unmatched in the Austrian media landscape when it comes to awareness and popularity,” states Anita Edlinger, Head of Direct Mail Cover. The advertising flyer on the Internet The success of the KUVERT led Austrian Post to introduce a further product innovation for the ad­ vertising market in 2015, namely Kuvert digital. Companies can autonomously upload their ad­ vertising contents before they are advertised on Austria’s Internet media with the highest reach. In the process, they are only shown to a pre-defined target group. The companies only incur costs if the produced pages are actually looked at. In this way these firms can implement their online cam­ paigns in an efficient, low-risk manner, addressing the desired target group with pinpoint accuracy. Turbocharging the shipping of mail Speed is usually mentioned with respect to the perceived advantages of online communication. An electronic newsletter can be prepared and disseminated within a very short time. The same now applies to printed mailings thanks to the Rapid Response service of Austrian Post. Austri­ an Post has transferred the speed of the Internet to the “real world” thanks to this new offering. The service is based on a user-friendly online tool, with which the customer can quickly and independently design a direct mail. This is sub­ sequently printed and mailed in a cost-effective manner. The recipient gets it in 48 hours at the most. This could set a new record. The best offer with one click In 2015 Austrian Post acquired an 80% stake in, the digital distribution plat­ form for leaflets, which highlights more than 150 leaflets and 10,000 retail offers every day. Users can browse through digital flyers via this portal, or targetedly search for offers. Each month the portal attracts close to one million visits and 29m downloads of flyers. The service provided by Aktionsfinder is also available as a smart phone app. “We are strongly positioned in the business of unaddressed adver­ tising through the medium of physical flyers. With the stake acquired in Aktionsfinder, the platform for leaflets, we are expanding our offer­ ing for our customers by adding a digital compo­ CIRCULARS MADE EASY WITH FEIBRA The Austrian Post subsidiary feibra implemented an online service in 2015 enabling the targeted placement of advertising circulars. The advertising customer assumes responsibility for planning on his own by using a geomarketing application. Individual delivery areas for mailing are selected on an Austrian map. Taking account of socio-demographic data, individual areas near a specified branch office as well as entire dis- tricts or federal provinces can be selected for distribution. In this way the advertising customer precisely pinpoints his target group, thus limiting waste coverage. In turn, this helps him to optimally invest his advertising budget. BUSINESS GOES THROUGH THE STOMACH Business breakfasts, an important part of Austrian Post’s middle-market initiative (“Mittelstandsoffensive”), have already turned into a sort of institution for SMEs. These events are not only designed to explain what is worth knowing about the advertising offers of Austrian Post, but also involve networking and an exchange of ideas in a relaxed atmosphere. Prominent guests from the world of politics and business also like to at- tend the business breakfasts held at eight regional hotspots in Vienna and the federal provinces. nent,” explains Nicole Lendl, Head of Communi­ cation, Product Management & Business Devel­ opment Mail Solutions and Member of the Management Board of Aktionsfinder. The new generation of direct mail items When it comes to addressed direct mail, Austri­ an Post’s marketing concept “Pimp my Cam­ paign” shows how much advertising can achieve with comparatively little effort. The concept is based on the principle that individualisation and emotionalisation decisively enhance the effec­ tiveness of direct mails. Target group relevant product offers, image and text worlds are the fac­ tors of success. It all sounds expensive, but in fact it isn’t, as Heinrich Hammerschmidt, Mar­ keting Direct Mail & Dialogue, assures us. “Thanks to modern digital printing machines, image and text elements can be easily ex­ „ AKTIONS- FINDER. It does not matter where you are – with the Aktionsfind- er App you can find the best and nearest offers on your smart phone in an instant. “We reach 3.2m households with the KUVERT. As a result we are unsurpassed in Austria.” ANITA EDLINGER, HEAD OF DIRECT MAIL COVER AUSTRIAN POST ANNUAL REPORT 201531

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