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Annual Report Magazine FY 2015

32 AUSTRIAN POST ANNUAL REPORT 2015 COMPANY DIGITALISATION E-COMMERCE LOGISTICS ECOLOGICALISATION EMPLOYEES FACTS & FIGURES changed, and produced in a customised manner tailored to the recipient. The low extra costs are far outweighed by the added value generated by individualised mailings in a campaign,” he says. A precise target group analysis comprises anoth­ er building block of an effective direct mail cam­ paign. Austrian Post also provides highly com­ petent consulting services for its customers, pointing to renowned, well-known companies and campaigns which have been equally success­ ful. Customers such as Leiner, CARE and EVN already allowed their direct mail campaigns to be “pimped” with the support of Austrian Post, achieving response rate increases of up to 600%. “Appreciation and personal communication with our private donors is very important to us,” ex­ plains Alexandra Zirkovic, Fundraising Consult­ ant for CARE Austria. “After all, they are the ones who contribute a large share of the funds at our disposal. Our mailing, in which we cooper­ ated with the ‘pimp my campaign’ initiative, went exceptionally well, and we are also very sat­ isfied with the results,” she adds. Direct mails without waste coverage “Customer expectations placed on our direct mail campaigns are rising. At the same time, they are more cautious in their use of existing advertising budgets,” states Thomas Mistlbachner, Marketing Direct Mail & Dialogue. “Accordingly, efficiency in advertising is currently high on the priority list.” The response of Austrian Post is two prod­ ucts i.e. Info.Post Select and Branchen.Mail Select. They entail pinpointed, partly addressed target group-oriented mailings with minimal waste cov­ erage. The appropriate destination addresses are selected after the campaign target group is de­ fined. Austria’s largest address shop as well as ad­ ditional information, for example supplied by the household data base of Austrian Post with over three million entries, serves as the basis for choos­ ing the destination addresses. In addition, Austrian Post offers the possibility of two-day delivery windows for direct mails. In this way, advertising customers can more effec­ tively physically integrate their cross-media cam­ paigns and plan staff capacities better, for exam­ ple in their branch offices. If it’s really important, it should be done quickly In the event disasters take place, every day counts for the affected people. The supplementa­ ry service called Sponsoring.Post Express en­ ables NGOs to send out their mailings within only two working days. Moreover, in such cases Austrian Post offers reduced postage rates to these organisations. Why does IKEA rely on the flyer as a means of commu- nication? THERESIA SCHEUCHENEGGER: A flyer has a much longer use­ ful life than digital advertising media. In daily e-mail exchang­ es, advertising messages are usually ignored or deleted with only a simple mouse click. The flyer’s chances of end­ ing up on a person’s kitchen or couch table, lying there for a longer period of time and perhaps even being leafed through are much higher. For this reason, the flyer is an indispensable advertising medium for us. In 2015, IKEA won the Austrian Post “Prospekt Award” in the furniture category, and was also among the top-ranked companies in previous years. What is so special about IKEA’s print media advertising? Our objective is to make the everyday lives of peo­ ple easier. This is not only reflected in our practical furnishing ideas but also in our communications. In designing our catalogue, we make sure the layout enables readers to identify product advantages and furnishing tips at the first glance. In addition, we add value to our catalogue by giving product developers, designers and interior decorators the opportunity to express their opinions. Why did you choose Austrian Post as your part- ner for the direct mailing campaigns? On the one hand, reliability and trust play a major role. I can completely rely on Austrian Post. On the other hand, I value the competent support and quick order processing on the part of Austrian Post. This saves a lot of time and effort. Theresia Scheuchenegger, catalogue and brochure specialist at IKEA, talks about the successful use of print media in customer communications. “THE FLYER IS ESSENTIAL FOR US.” ■

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