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Annual Report Magazine FY 2015 - Office 4.0 – Head Start Through Mail Solutions

AUSTRIAN POST ANNUAL REPORT 2015 33 Cooperation with Fabasoft: Since October 2015 Austrian Post has been collaborating with Fabasoft, a leading European provider of cloud services, thus consolidating its leading market position as a complete provider of B2B solutions in the field of digital document logistics. Operating under the “Post Cloud Enterprise” brand, it now links cloud services with the digital implementation of all types of document-based business processes. Acquisition of EMD: The acquisition of the scanning services provider EMD completes Austrian Post’s service portfolio in the field of intelligent input management by adding EMD’s tried and tested late scan services. EMD has been operating in the market for more than 30 years, positioning itself as a specialist for the digitalisation and microfilming of archives and historical documents. As a consequence of this cooperation, Austrian Post can now process all types of documents throughout Austria, whether they are an old archive, plans in A0 format, microfilms or folder-based archives. Efficient office management helps companies to optimise their business processes. They can save resources and thus a great deal of money. OFFICE 4.0 – HEAD START THROUGH MAIL SOLUTIONS M ail Solutions is the leading provider of innovative physical postal services and digital services for business customers. More specifically, it involves individual solutions over the entire useful life of documents, from ac­ ceptance, processing, archiving and distribution to mailing. Input management At first, printed documents such as letters, con­ tracts and invoices are sorted, digitally recorded and collected alongside electronic documents to create “digital files” which different people in the company can access at the same time. Document logistics With Mail Solutions Austrian Post offers a varie­ ty of document processing services based on so­ lutions for mailroom management, collection and delivery as well as document management. The focus is on optimally linking physical and digital documents before processing and storing them. Furthermore, Austrian Post provides its customers with comprehensive consulting ser­ vices to optimise their document logistics. Output management The outgoing mail of a company can also be di­ gitally managed with the help of Mail Solutions. Upon request, Austrian Post retrieves all relevant information from the customer system and pre­ pares outgoing mail for shipment. “Depending on whether the addressee can be reached digital­ ly or by mail, Austrian Post distributes the mail item – either electronically in a secure personal­ ised letterbox, called e-letter, or printed and sent as a physical document by mail. On balance, we print a total of 370m A4 pages annually in this regard which are allocated to 120m mail items. Accordingly, Austrian Post operates the country’s largest transactional printing centre,” says Paul Hofer, Customer Service Output Ma­ nagement. Potential is far from being exhausted Many companies have not yet recognised the in­ herent potential of digital document manage­ ment. “Firms fail to exploit the enormous poten­ STRATEGIC PARTNERSHIPS tial in the input and processing of business docu­ ments because digital data and physical records are not merged,” explains Helmut Dobrovits, Product Management Document Logistics. The Mail Solutions business area already offers a broadly diversified range of services when it co­ mes to innovation and technology. Austrian Post is expanding its systems on an ongoing basis in order to be able to offer state-of-the-art techno­ logy to its customers. In this way it will help to ensure that linking digital and analogue business processes will lead to greater efficiency in Austri­ an companies. ■ AUSTRIAN POST ANNUAL REPORT 201533

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